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Seven Reasons Why You Should Earn a College Degree

Higher Education Articles November 16, 2012

There are many benefits associated with being a degree holder. In case you are unsure about the benefits you will gain with a college degree, then this article will enlighten you.  This article will focus on different benefits for those who plan to pursue a higher education degree.

Increased Pay

If you want to increase your annual income, then pursuing a higher education degree will be your best choice at achieving your goal. For instance, an average salary for a full time employee with a bachelor degree is $55,700, which is $21,900 higher than someone who holds a high school diploma.

Reduced Stress and Lower Blood Pressure

Higher education degree plays an important role in helping you get rid of work stress, thus reducing your chances of high blood pressure. Research has linked higher education to lower blood pressure. The holders of a college degree have lower cortisol level that is a stress hormone, as compared with those who do not hold a college degree.  In addition, employees with higher level of education are at a lower risk of suffering from breast, prostate, colorectal, and lung cancer.

Healthier Lifestyle Options

Besides lowering blood pressure, college graduates are informed about healthy lifestyle, so they avoid smoking and drinking excessively.  Also, they tend to exercise on a regular basis.

Employer-Provided Health Care Coverage

It is likely, according to research, for a college graduate to receive health care coverage by their employer compared to a high school diploma holder.  The study shows about fifty percent of high school graduates are covered medically by their employers compared to seventy percent of the college graduates.

Increased Job Satisfaction

It is great to be satisfied with your career since you spend most of your time working.  Research shows higher education degree holders generally satisfied with their careers compared to high school diploma holders. Among the careers that graduates felt satisfied, according to a survey, were teachers, physical therapists, clergy, education administrators, office supervisors, operating therapists, and fire fighters.

Job Stability

College graduates usually guaranteed steady work. The careers with low turnover rate includes: lobbyist, air traffic controller, registered nurses, federal judge, college professor, accountant, and public school teacher. During a recession, these jobs are great in terms of job security.

Future Children Benefits

According to research, there are strong correlation between educated mothers and the health of their children. In addition, the research showed that children born from parents with college degrees are expected to attend college themselves. This is due to parents persuading their children to go to school and they are able to finance their child’s education.

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