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Six College Degrees That Have High Earning Potential

Higher Education Articles November 12, 2012

Are you worried about the high cost of college? Have you considered the earning potential that some college degrees give you? In this article, I will review six college degrees that have high earning potential to justify the cost of education.

Medical Assisting (Associate Degree)

An associate degree in medical assisting can be your first step to a lucrative career in the health care industry. The industry has about twenty career options and there are a lot of job growth in the United States (Source: US Department of Labor).

Those who have a medical assisting degree are on a career path to become a technician, specialist or assistant. On average, a medical assistant earns an annual income of $28,300 and the average wage figure for the top 10 percent rose to $40,000.

Database Technology (Associate Degree)

An associate degree in database technology  gives you job security along with a decent salary, it is a versatile field of study that will provide you with skills that are in much demand for various industries such as information technology. The course will teach you everything about designing, maintaining and repairing databases. On average, a database administrator earns an annual salary of $72,000 and the average salary figure rose to $81,000 for those employed with firms that are involved with the design of computer systems. However, you may need a bachelor degree to get a job with certain firms.

Paralegal Studies (Associate Degree)

If you are motivated in pursuing a rewarding career that are in the legal profession, you should consider getting yourself an associate degree in paralegal studies. The Department of Labor revealed that paralegal degree are the most commonly used to obtain a career in the paralegal field.  On average, paralegals and legal assistants earn an annual income of $46,000 and the average earnings figure rose to $58,000 for those employed with the feds.

Business Administration (Bachelor Degree)

In the modern global economy, a business degree is synonymous with a brilliant move for those who seek a lucrative career. It makes practical sense to learn the fundamentals of running a business whether you plan to create your own company or intend to work for a global company that already has a foothold.  On average, business graduates earn an annual income of $45,000 (based on 2010 figures) and the average earnings figure rose to $108,000 for those who have advance to the marketing manager level (Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Winter 2010 Salary Survey)

Technology Support (Associate Degree)

An associate degree in technology support  is guaranteed to make you highly employable due to increase used of computers throughout the world. The courses prepare students for a career in technology support by giving them a good foundation on the latest computer systems and software along with teaching students to express abstruse technical terms in languages that are understood by all.  On average, computer support specialists earn an annual income of $46,000.

Criminal Justice (Bachelor Degree)

You should pursue a bachelor degree in criminal justice if you are interested in a career as a law enforcement.  You are equipped with an uniform along with a badge; alternatively, you might receive relatively low profile projects that are done behind the scenes. The degree gives you a variety of fields to choose from whether relating to homeland security or juvenile justice.  On average, a custom and border protection agent earns an annual income of $92,000 (Statistics relevant to May 2008).

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