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Technology Degrees to Pursue in the Digital Age

Higher Education Articles November 19, 2012

There are many workers who are laid off and filing for unemployment now days. This is primarily due to companies suffering from financial crisis and hoping they can improve by laying off some of their workers. This might be the harsh reality for workers, but it is the most effective ways for a company to avoid bankruptcy.

People who were laid off from their jobs should not feel intimidated. You should consider all other options before resorting to filing for unemployment. There is hope for a new job or a career change. In this day and age, there are various technology careers that you can undertake with a fresh perspective.

During these past few years, the number of technology-related careers has tremendously grown. This is due to the dawn of the internet era and the digital age. The existence of the internet and personal computers has given rise to new jobs that are lucrative where professionals can live comfortably.

Below are the degrees one should consider in order to have a successful career in the digital age:

Master of Business Administration

This is the best choice for professionals who are aiming for a managerial position. Of course, they have to make sure the MBA degree has technology as its core components. This allows them to pursue any managerial position in the computer and information systems field. The work involves overseeing internet operations, software development, or network securities.

Bachelor Degree in Information Science

With a bachelor degree in information science, the individual will be able to pursue a career in the technology field. The job they will pursue are centered in developing software systems that are meant to store and find dates (database of information).

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Tech-savvy individuals will likely consider this degree. A lot of people who graduated with a computer science degree ends up with a career as a systems analyst. Computer science is one of the best jobs that an individual can obtain in the digital age. The analyst will be the one to configure and select the necessary hardware and software that the company needs for their business operations.

Bachelor Degree in Computer Programming

Computer programming is considered one of the hottest careers in the tech market. Those who graduated with a computer programming degree have a lot of employment opportunities due to the rapid growth of this field.  For example, database administrator has a high income career with skills and training that computer programmers are exposed to.

Bachelor Degree in IT and Information Systems

One of the most popular profession for an information technology or information systems graduate to follow is a computer support specialist. The skills and training students gain through their courses allows them to provide technical assistance and support when it comes to Information Technology (IT). They will have a close working relationship with both computers and humans.

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