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Things you should know before pursuing a degree in Business Communications

Higher Education Articles December 22, 2015

Before you enroll for a degree in Business communications, read this article and learn all the skills you would get after completing the program, the job outlook for this kind of profession and other important details that will help you make a more informed decision when settling on the degree program to pursue in college.

Career Overview for those with a Business Communications Degree

Business communications is the art of writing business information, speaking on behalf of companies and devising important topics that need to be handled by an organization or company. So, pursuing a degree in business communications can offer you important knowledge on how to communicate strategically on behalf of business organizations, how to improve your verbal and written communication skills at work, public relations and some aspects of digital media and communication.

The table below summarizes everything you need to know about this degree program.

Career Communications Manager Public Relations Officer Technical Writer
Education details Bachelor’s degree Bachelor’s degree Bachelor’s degree
Estimated job growth rate 13% 12% 15%
Median salary $115,400 $64,000 $71,950

Potential Professions you can join

Communications Manager

Also known as public relations managers or directors, a communication manager works to ensure that the organization has a positive public image, writes press releases, executive speeches and utilizes their communication skills to garner support from individuals and other companies that may help their employer company progress forward. Sometimes, the public relations manager are tasked with maintaining the company’s website and social media accounts, enhancing good communication among departments, individual employees and the management.

Career Details

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimate that jobs for communication managers are likely to increase at a rate of 13% within the next few years. On the other hand, communications manager earns an average annual figure of $115,400 as per the BLS.

Public Relations Experts

PR specialists, as they are commonly known, are the people who play the biggest role in ensuring that their clients/organizations have a continuously positive image in the eyes of the public. They keep an eye on the media coverage of the organization, write press releases, clarify details when their client is criticized in any way and communicates with other vital groups such as shareholders, in the company. One reason why they may keep in touch with the company’s shareholders is to influence good perception or answer important questions posed to them.

Job Outlook

The job growth rate for PR specialists is projected to be at six percent from 2012 – 2022 while their annual median salary was $55,680.

Technical Writers

Technical writers prepare instruction manuals, directions, catalogs or any other technical information in a simple and clear manner that any individual can understand. Technical writers can therefore work in many industries so long as they can understand the language used therein and be able to present it to the public in a simple and clear way.

Job Outlook

The BLS estimates that the average technical writer earned an annual figure of $71,000 in 2014. On the other hand, their career is likely to grow at a rate of 15%.

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