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Top Five Online Degree Programs for Introverts

Higher Education Articles November 5, 2012

Are you one of those people who love college, but do not enjoy face-to-face interactions with other students?  Online learning is just what the doctor ordered for introverted students like you whereby you can achieve your goals on your own terms. In this article, I’ll discuss five degree programs best suited for introverted students to learn online.

Study Business Management Online

Do you want to learn about every aspect of running a business, but do not have to take courses via college campus? You should choose to obtain a business management bachelor degree via online learning that comes replete with group projects and live presentations. It provides an introverted student to engage with other students and yet maintain his/her space. The courses are detailed in regards to coverage of all aspects of business, whether policy or strategy, marketing, economics or financial management. The last feature is suited to those who have sufficient numerate skills. Introverts might find pleasure in the fact that online business management courses give them specialization options – such as IT, accounting and finance that could land them with quiet desk jobs in the future.

Study Psychology Online

Psychology is an stimulating field of study for introverts seeking a degree online despite the fact that an introvert is likely to shy away from therapy as a career option. The requisite skills for a psychology student who needs to be adept at writing, critical reasoning, math and science – do not require a student to have an outgoing personality. The courses covered include neuroscience, personality, cognitive psychology and perception and sensation. Introverts can look forward to career option in organizational psychology and research.

Study Medical Assisting Online

There is a health care profession that introverts can follow where they would not have to interact with patients; they can study medical assisting online! Such a program would include areas such as medical software applications, medical terminology, and medical office administration and insurance. Although this might involve random field work, introverts for the most part will be able to operate on their own. Earning either a certificate or an associate degree online will launch your career as a medical assistant. Coding, records and billing are other career options you can consider once you have a degree, as all of these involve working at your desk.

Study Criminal Justice Online

Criminal justice is another area that introverts can excel in and earn a degree without having to attend a campus. From these courses you can learn about law and the functioning of the judicial system – the syllabi could cover the entire spectrum of criminal justice from sociology and psychology to policing society.  Introverts in particular could pursue careers in legal education and legal studies. For those seeking more extroverted job; they can specialize in correctional treatment or seek a career as a probation officer.

Study Communications Online

Technology has made effective communication possible without having to meet people face-to-face. For instance, discussion forums and emails represent terrific online modes of honing your communication skills. Earning a bachelor degree in communications would provide students with information about how society is impacted by media in its diverse forms and that includes social media. Online degree courses cover a wide range of specialization including media criticism, mass media studies and communication, ethics and media law, and popular culture. There are exciting career options in areas such as marketing/advertising and public relation. Students could aim to become an author or a technical writer, both of which goals would be boosted with an online degree in communications.

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