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What Will I Learn in a Culinary Arts Program?

Higher Education Articles January 18, 2015

When considering attending a culinary arts program either at a technical school or a community college, it is important to check into what the program has to offer and what is involved in the curriculum. Looking into how long it takes and any financial aid programs will also help you in your consideration of what schools to attend that best meet your learning style.

What Is Culinary School Like?

Some of the things that will be included in the curriculum will be basic cooking techniques, food science, nutrition, sanitation rules, and regulations. Depending on how far you choose to go in your education, you will also be educated in food management, develop recipes, plan menus, inspect supplies and equipment, and so on. You may be required to do an internship and work under another chef to learn the tricks and tips of the trade.

Checking into your school of choice and learning what their curriculum involves will give you a better outlook as to what is expected from you in your studies. You will have books that will follow you throughout your studies along with written tests and quizzes and even some homework.

What Is Culinary School Like, and How Does It Affect Salary?

Culinary schools will teach some of the same standards and recipes, but they may also teach subjects a bit differently. Take the time to pick the right school for your learning style; pay attention to the covered subjects, and make sure they are in line with your future goals. This way you get the most out of the program.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, depending on the organization and location of employment, you can earn from $42,000 up to as much as $75,000. It is said that casinos, resorts, and upscale restaurants will produce the highest pay rates in the field. Those that manage private parties or work in private homes can make around $60,000 or more.

With the education, experience, and exposure of your skills, you can expect to work some long hours, lift heavy objects such as bags of ingredients and equipment, and oversee the operation as a whole, but the salary can be vast depending on your location of employment.

What You Learn

What is culinary school like? For those that love to cook, it’s a paid vacation. You will learn all facets of food science, preparation, sanitation and safety, creativity, and presentation that will allow you to create and manage the artistic realm of your abilities.

The hours can be long and grueling, and the physical requirements will be challenging much of the time. Your skills of creativity and beautiful presentations and watching people’s reactions can make it all worthwhile. The rewards of watching customers enjoy something that only you created can be fulfilling as an artist. You are the artist of food creations. Whether it is a fancy cupcake, cake, or full cuisine you worked hard in the preparation, creation, and presentation of all the food put forth.

Making sure you are attending the right college or technical school will make the difference in what you learn, your creativity, and your imagination for all your future endeavors. Do the research, and learn the skills that are offered.

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