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Aerobics Instructor Class and Course Descriptions

Majors Overview March 7, 2013

Typically, aerobics instructor courses are available through certificate programs in aerobic instruction and undergraduate degree programs in physical education. Students teach aerobics workouts, create lesson plans, develop methods for teaching steps, and learn aerobics movements through these courses. In this article, students will learn how to become an aerobics instructor.

Aerobics Course

Beginning aerobics classes teach students about the benefits of aerobics, and they perform exercises to music. Instructors have to ensure that students have the correct form and incorporate movements in a correct manner, to help prevent injuries and lead to muscle toning and weight loss. Dance steps, kick-boxing, step aerobics, and other steps are included in some courses.

Aerobics Instructor Course

Individuals who teach aerobics must certainly know how to do aerobics, so a portion of many introductory aerobics instructor courses requires trainees to attend aerobics classes. Students will observe how instructors lead the class, and they will learn by participating, even individuals who have prior aerobics experience. Through lectures, students are taught about various types of aerobics movements and what it does for the body. Students will start developing lesson plans complete with steps, stretches, cool-downs, and warm-ups.

Kinesiology Course

The study and science of human movement is known as kinesiology. Students in this combination lecture and lab course study which muscles move the different body parts and analyze movement. They study human skeletons and learn how people move. Students will conduct experiments to see how various activities affect movement, both positively and negatively during the lab portion of the class.

Aerobics Instructor Course – Intermediate

Students enrolled in intermediate instructor classes often fine-tune their learning by coordinating with the professional instructors. Simultaneously, they rehearse their own movements to ensure that it is done correctly, so they do not hurt others or themselves due to poorly taught moves. Usually, at this level, students will work with instructors to help with teaching methods, such as the cool-down or warm-up.

Course in Water Aerobics

Aspiring aerobics instructors take aerobics classes to gain familiarity with a wide variety of fitness routines. Water aerobics is a form of routine in which students perform aerobic movements in the water. The techniques used as well as the results are analyzed by the students who devise personal fitness programs to help meet their toning or weight loss objectives.

Advanced Aerobics Instructor

Students enrolled in advanced courses are granted opportunities where they can teach a class at a fitness center or lead the entire workouts. Lesson plans are created by students, and they correct their students’ forms, steps and movements when they do the workouts for maximum benefit. Typically, lesson plans are modified by students to meet a particular need of individuals in the course, such as toning or weight loss. All aspects of a fitness routine must be included in the class.

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