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Associate of Arts (AA) Degree in Acquisition and Contract Management

Majors Overview April 27, 2013

Learn about certificate programs covering acquisition and contract management. In this article, students will receive information on advanced program options, career options, and program coursework to make an informed decision about their education.

Acquisition and Contract Management Certificate Programs

Individuals enrolled in an acquisition and contract management program are provided with an in-depth understanding of the process of contracting. Not many schools offer associate degree programs in acquisition and contract management; however, individuals who want to improve their knowledge in the field may enroll in certificate programs in acquisition and contract management.

Principles and elements of acquisition, procurement and business are commonly explored in these programs. These include aspects of risk management, negotiation, financial analysis and contract formation, in addition to international contracting and global outsourcing. Individuals will gain knowledge in the life cycles of subcontracting and contracts while receiving information on ethical, risk and legal issues.

Educational Requirements

Certificate programs are suitable to individuals who are employed with commercial firms or running their own businesses, as well as those who aspire to advance in their careers by gaining knowledge in acquisition and contract management. However, most certificate programs will accept candidates who are interested in entering the field as well. Admission criteria generally require applicants to hold a general educational development (GED) certificate or a high school diploma.

Program Coursework

An acquisition and contract management certificate program coursework usually concentrate on processes involved in contract administration, including cost controls, documentation, and work specifications. Students may study the following course topics:

•International transactions
•Project management
•Subcontract management
•Accounting standards
•Contracting ethics
•Proposal preparation
•Cost analysis
•Contract law

Career Options

Individuals who have completed the certificate program in acquisition and contract management are professionally trained and prepared for entry-level careers in the contracting and procurement fields. Individuals may obtain the following job titles:

•Contract termination specialists
•Contract price analysts
•Contract negotiators
•Procurement analysts
•Contract administrators

Information on Certification and Continuing Education

Individuals seeking continuing education in acquisition and contract management beyond the certificate level can pursue a degree in business administration or management, including relevant courses. Schools offer master degree programs in acquisition and contract management. Professionals in the field can also seek certification from the National Contract Management Association and other agencies.

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