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Audio Engineering Programs

Majors Overview January 17, 2013

Audio engineering integrates math, digital technology, production practices and computer engineering. Students aspiring to pursue a career in audio engineering have several associate, bachelor and master degree programs to choose from, apart from a certificate program. Programs in the field are usually offered by engineering and music departments of universities.

Selecting an Audio Engineering Educational Institution

Dedicated degree programs in audio engineering are not offered at all universities. Students interested in this field should perform research on educational institutions that have audio engineering coursework offered within a music production or sound engineering training course. Coursework could either be scientific or artistic in orientation depending on the nature of the school in which the program is offered. As students enrolled in an audio engineering program with hands-on training in audio labs and recording studios, they are likely to benefit from enrolling into a course offered by a college that is equipped with an infrastructure that is modern and professional grade. They would also want additional experiential training imparted through internships. An audio engineering school may boast affiliations or partnership agreements with local radio stations or recording stations. Students will benefit if they enroll into schools that are located in cities where the music industry is thriving, they will gain additional opportunities for development and exposure in the audio engineering field.

An Overview of Audio Engineering Programs

Associate Degree Programs

Programs in sound recording technology or audio production are offered by some community colleges. Students enrolled in these programs are likely to be awarded an Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Science degree. Students planning to pursue bachelor programs after completion of the associate degree program are often allowed to transfer their credits. Alternatively, students may seek entry level jobs at performance venues, music retailers and sound studios.

Bachelor Degree Programs

Bachelor degree programs in audio engineering are offered at several universities. Coursework typically includes acoustics and sound programming, multimedia technology, circuitry and electricity. Studio time is a prerequisite for many programs while some courses require prospective students to have a background in reading and playing music. Students can aspire to different degree titles in this field, such as Bachelor of Music in Music Technology, Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Sound Engineering.

Master Degree Programs

Students seeking to major in acoustic or music principles can enroll into audio engineering programs. It can take two to three years to complete a Master of Arts or Master of Science in Music Technology or Audio Science. To be eligible for admission, students are usually required to have completed a bachelor degree program in audio engineering or any related field.

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