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Should I Consider Earning a Bachelor of Information Technology (B.I.T.) Degree?

Majors Overview February 20, 2015

Programmers design software applications for use in phones, large-scale networks, personal computers, and video game systems. Bachelor of Information Technology (B.I.T.) programs will allow students to focus their curriculum on programming subjects and provide a general overview of IT principles.

Bachelor of Information Technology (B.I.T.) Degree Programs

Students enrolled in a B.I.T. program can expect to become adept at the skills necessary for a career in IT. The focus of programs is mainly on professional development and on educating students about the core concepts of IT, in addition to research and theory related to programming and information technology. Coursework may typically include an outline of basic IT knowledge aimed at ensuring that students gain an in-depth understanding of all relevant hardware and software.

Students also explore applicable business skills along the lines of general practices relating to marketing, management, and economics. Individuals seeking specialization in the area of programming can take introductory courses in programming code and languages and can subsequently investigate how the code is applied on the Web and through a variety of electronic devices.

Admission criteria typically require incoming students to hold a GED certificate or a high school diploma, in addition to satisfying any other requirements set by their chosen school.


The resources and software that schools make available through their computer labs are used by students to augment their technical knowledge with practical experience. Coursework may include subject areas such as:

•Network management
•Web development
•Data analysis
•Information security
•Internet programming
•Programming languages
•Computer science
•System analysis
•Data mining
•Operating systems

Career Choices

After they graduate, students can seek entry-level careers in a broad range of IT specialty areas. Equipped with programming expertise, graduates can seek positions such as:

•Web designer
•Computer programmer
•Software engineer

Job and Wage Outlook

A job growth rate of 12% has been predicted for programmers over the 2010 – 2020 decade (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Over the same time period, software developers (overall) are expected to enjoy a job growth of 30%.
Web developers, in addition to computer network architects and information security analysts, should witness a 22% increase. In May 2012, programmers took home an average annual wage of $74,280, while systems developers and application developers banked $99,000 and $90,060 respectively. At the same time, web developers received $62,500.

Continuing Education Choices

Students can seek continuing education by earning doctoral and master’s degrees with a concentration on information technology, which would facilitate a greater degree of professional specialization and in-depth, independent study while students continue their navigation and analysis of rapidly-evolving technological advancements in the field.

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