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Degree Overview: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in E-Business Management

Majors Overview March 26, 2014

A career in the quickly growing field of e-commerce can be obtained with a degree in E-Business Management. As communications and computer technology constantly grow, online transactions grow with them. Companies both small and large will need tech-savvy managers to maintain this growing market.

B.S. Programs in E-Business Management

Schools offer Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree programs in E-Business Management as an e-business concentration within Business Management programs or within E-Commerce programs. Students enrolled in these programs gain an understanding of the theories and practices that underlie the global electronic marketplace. They are imparted the skills and knowledge needed for developing marketability and income potential as entrepreneurs and business managers. The program requires students to delve into networking, Internet programming and marketing theories.

Admission criteria in bachelor-level degree programs typically require incoming students to hold at least a GED certificate or high school diploma.


The emphasis of coursework is on the skills needed in managing Web-enhanced or Web-based businesses. In many programs, valuable on-the-job experience is offered through internships, wherein students are afforded the opportunity of working with industry professionals. The opportunity to complete a capstone seminar may also be given to students, wherein they may participate within a team of students in completing a project in e-commerce. Apart from general education classes, students also complete theoretical coursework in strategic management, marketing, economics, finance, business law, and accounting. Coursework may include topic areas such as:

•Webpage design
•Strategic leadership
•Information security
•Business policy
•Human resources management

Career Choices

There is an increasing need for technical savvy graduates; this demand is attributable to the blending of disciplines currently transpiring within the e-business field. Graduates may choose from job titles such as:

•Marketing manager
•Budget analyst
•Financial analyst

Continuing Education Choices

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in E-Business Management program are provided the opportunity to gain experience related to marketing, business, integrating technology, and efficient management practices.

The educational foundation necessary to pursuing deeper specialization is developed by students while earning an extended degree, in the E-Business field. Schools offer graduate programs as Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in E-Commerce Management. Concepts in strategy management, operations management, marketing management and technology management are explored by students enrolled in master’s degree programs.

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