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Degree Overview: Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in Sustainable Agriculture

Majors Overview April 23, 2015

Those with an interest in Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) programs in Sustainable Agriculture should look into M.B.A. programs in Sustainable Business. M.B.A. programs in Sustainable Business are more common than programs in sustainable agriculture, and some provide coursework in sustainable agriculture. Students will be ready to treat businesses as possible agents for long-term, ethical, positive change in the world.

Information on Sustainable Agriculture

The master’s degree program in sustainable business is devised to help individuals interested in learning about the application of the concepts of resources management and sustainability to agriculture. The program will also help them develop strong business skills. While the specific focus of these programs is not on the agriculture industry, students enrolled in them are provided with an understanding of managing resources and conserving energy in a business setting.

M.B.A. Programs in Sustainable Business

Sustainable business programs are devised to teach enrolled students about the application of training in ethics to business practices. Coursework may include subject areas such as organizational leadership, business law, and accounting.

By contrast, pest management strategies based on principles of sustainable food production, diversified farming practices, and ecology are the primary focus of sustainable agriculture programs. Students take one to two years to complete full-time graduate programs; part-time programs are also available for working individuals at some schools.

Education Requirements

Admission criteria typically require incoming students to hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year university. However, discrimination towards undergraduate academic discipline is often absent owing to the interdisciplinary nature of sustainable business administration.


Multiple issues in sustainability are in the coursework of these types of programs; these include the ways in which global warming is affected by the infrastructure of developing nations. A major issue in sustainable business could also be the disparity between the shopping habits of consumers and their desire for sustainable products. Core coursework may include topic areas such as:

•Investing for social responsibility
•Green accounting
•Environmental law
•Business strategy
•Sustainable development
•Renewable energy

Career Choices

With a master’s degree program in sustainable business, graduates can seek employment with environmental investment firms, major telecommunications broadcasters, United Nations, and energy and natural resources management divisions of the World Bank. They may choose from job positions such as:

•Sustainability managers
•Environmental commodity analysts
•Marketing consultants

Continuing Education Choices

Those who graduate out of M.B.A. programs can seek continuing education by completing Ph.D. programs in sustainable agriculture. These programs allow participation in fieldwork, engagement in colloquiums, and completion of courses in subject areas such as resource management, biological science, and ecology.

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