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Master of Education (M.Ed.) Courses and Classes Overview

Majors Overview August 6, 2015

Education professionals, such as teachers, may earn Master of Education (M.Ed.) degrees. This article talks about these degree programs and their courses and classes.

Information on Master of Education (M.Ed.) Courses and Classes

Current educators who seek career advancement and aspire to become more effective teachers could benefit from enrolling into Master of Education (M.Ed.) programs. Some of these programs allow students to specialize in subjects like early childhood education, curriculum development, administration or English as a second language. In most programs, students are additionally required to take several core courses. Program coursework covers group projects and hands-on applications. In this article, we take a look at some common courses offered through in Master of Education (M.Ed.) programs:

Course Related to Classroom Diversity

Classroom diversity is a frequently required class and helps students develop ways of teaching effectively thereby ensuring fair and impartial educational experiences. Common hurdles to and solutions for supporting cultural, ethnic, ability, socioeconomic, and gender diversity in classroom settings are in the curriculum. There is also a focus on educational assessment strategies in a classroom characterized by diversity.

Course Related to Concepts in Differentiated Instruction

An introduction to the philosophy of differentiated learning is available to enrollees. Practical solutions for modifying instructional plans are explored by them, aimed at best meeting student abilities and needs within the parameters of the coursework. Appropriate assessment models in a differentiated classroom environment are also in the course.

Course Related to Developmental Child Psychology

The typical ways in which children grow and mature psychologically are in this class, which emphasizes the early childhood through secondary school years. Students discuss the behavioral, emotional, physical, social, and cognitive stages of growth, in addition to the ways in which concepts in educational and behavioral psychology relate to classroom learning experiences.

Course Related to Educational Leadership

This class is a requirement for some education master’s programs. Lectures on leadership concepts in practice and theory are delivered by instructors, stressing their relationship to education. The program discusses leadership abilities and skills within the context of teaching in the classroom as well as within the broader context of advocacy in the school district, educational communities, and school.

Course Related to Educational Research Methods

Teachers in this class gain expertise in conducting original quantitative and qualitative research as well as in critically evaluating the research findings of others. This class is taken first by most students enrolled in education master’s programs. Skills for critically evaluating, interpreting and using studies and research papers are developed by enrolled students.

The focus of lessons is on writing research proposals, designing and conducting research activities and experiments, collecting and analyzing data and writing up findings for publication and review. Discussions take place on ethical research practices also.

Course Related to Instructional and Educational Assessment

This class represents a comprehensive study of the manner in which and the reasons why the outcomes and results of educational and instructional programs and techniques are measured by educationists. The class serves to introduce a variety of assessments along with the pluses and minuses of each, and what settings they can be used appropriately in, in addition to ethical testing methods. Students can use the coursework to avail the opportunity of creating assessment tools and developing assessment techniques, collecting and evaluating results and preparing findings.

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