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Online Bachelor Degree Program in Architecture with Course Descriptions

Majors Overview March 26, 2013

Students who enroll in an online degree program in architecture may earn either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Typically, these programs last for five years and online formats allow students to have a flexible schedule. Completing a distance-learning degree program in architecture allows students to take classes at times where it is most convenient to them without losing the opportunity to communicate with professors and other students.

Online Bachelor Degree Program in Architecture Overview

Architecture distance learning programs are usually a combination of on-campus classroom lectures and online instruction. Two to three weeks of on campus training are incorporated in such programs that are delivered through virtual classroom setup such as Blackboard where students can access online assignments and video lectures. Several programs evaluate students’ prior education and abilities to develop a curriculum based solely on that individual and their career goals. Students have the flexibility of being able to take courses at a time of their convenience and can access lessons whenever they want to, including at a later date.

Architecture Distance Learning Undergraduate Degree Program Requirements

Programs in architecture are heavily comprised of hands-on elements and academically rigid. A majority of programs last five years and contain 132 credits. Online undergraduate degree programs in architecture are professional in nature and require classwork along with internship experience. Internship programs are approved by a student’s professor and arranged by students at local areas. Internships can take a certain amount of work hours to complete or one semester. Architecture courses online may include:

Building Materials: In this course, students discuss the use of steel, stone, and wood in buildings. They study about practical techniques and construction procedures to determine if a design may be completed using different materials.
Green Building: Individuals will learn strategies on how to integrate eco-friendly technology into building designs. In this course, students will learn techniques in designing buildings, which use light naturally and conserve energy.
Computers in Architecture: In this course, students will explore computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) practices and techniques. Students will be able to see how their completed designs look, so they can achieve building construction precision and make any necessary design changes, if needed.

Architectural Design: Students enrolled in this course will become adept at drafting architectural designs for commercial and residential buildings using paper and pencil. Students learn how to apply general design principles and read blueprints.

Architecture Career Opportunities with an Undergraduate Degree

Candidates do not automatically qualify for a career as a professional architect with a bachelor degree, but it will be a step towards the right direction. Students who have an online undergraduate degree in architecture can prepare themselves for various planning and design careers; they can work as assistants to architects. In order to qualify for licensure, students can continue their education to obtain an architecture graduate degree. Students who have earned a bachelor degree may pursue these career options:

•Building contractor
•Regional planner
•Interior architect
•Landscape architect
•Architectural drafter

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