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An Outline of Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Programming Technology

Majors Overview February 21, 2015

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Programming Technology

Students enrolled in a programming technology degree are trained in the use of Web interfaces aimed at modifying and extracting data. Students are taught the fundamentals of analyzing current systems, developing databases, and designing software with the aim of keeping them updated. Admission criteria typically require incoming students to hold a GED certificate or a high school diploma.

Schools may offer the degree programs under different titles, but the learning outcomes and courses are likely to be similar. Programming concentration options could be offered through programs in computer information systems or computer science.

Concentration options in computer science technology may not be offered through programs in computer science or information technology, but commonly, these programs may include coursework in programming. Graduates from these programs can expect to become adept at managing software development projects.


Technology administration and management are often integrated in programming technology programs that use hands-on coursework to accomplish this, thereby enabling the writing, maintenance, and troubleshooting of programming code by students.

Coursework within a programming technology degree program will cover the latest trends in technology and programs that may include data structures, system analysis and design, database administration, structured query language, Web programming and design, computer operating systems, computer servicing, server administration, Web design, and management planning principles.

Career Choices

Basic project management and problem-solving skills are imparted to students, thereby facilitating the adaptation and application of these skill sets to the dynamic field of information technology. Graduates of a bachelor’s degree program in programming can seek job positions such as Web developer, software engineer, programmer, and computer systems analyst.

Job and Wage Outlook

A faster-than-average job growth rate has been predicted for web developers (20%) and computer systems analysts (25%) (categorized with information security analysts and network architects) over the 2012 – 2022 decade (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)).

During the same period, an average growth rate of 8% has been predicted for computer programmers, while a much-faster-than-average overall growth rate of 22% has been projected for software developers.

In May 2012, computer systems analysts, computer programmers, Web developers, software developers of applications, and systems software developers banked an average annual wage of $83,800 $78,260 $66,100, $93,280, and $102,550 respectively (BLS).

Certification and Continuing Education Choices

Coursework in topics wherein professional certification may be obtained is offered through many programming technology degree programs; these include HTML, Java, and C++. This is to keep up with the expectation that professionals in the fields of information technology and programming technology would stay updated about current changes in advanced certifications and technology.

Graduates of the bachelor’s degree program may opt for continuing education through completion of an accredited master’s degree program in the field of information technology; although, few schools, if any, offer a master’s degree with a specific concentration in programming technology.

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