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Specialization Overview: Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) Degree Program

Majors Overview April 19, 2015

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree programs focus on coursework on the humanities and social sciences as well as courses specific to each major. These programs usually feature general education courses such as science, English, and mathematics. Religion, history, sociology, and literature are among the common fields available.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree Program Choices

The primary focus of Bachelor of Science (B.S.) programs is on subject areas related to technology, science, and math as opposed to the focus of the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs, whose focus is typically on social science, humanities, and the liberal arts.

There is an occasional tendency among people to confuse Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) with Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs; the former degrees include acting, sculpture, painting, theater, and dance, among other fine arts majors.

Specialization Areas

It typically takes four years to complete B.A. programs that schools may offer in distance learning, hybrid, online, and on-campus formats, among others. Interested students can choose from numerous fields of study in the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programs, including diverse subject areas:

•Organizational studies
•International studies
•English literature
•Creative writing


Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Anthropology program gain a grasp of past and present human cultures and societies by studying topic areas such as adaptation, archaeology, and evolution. Among the major courses typically offered are the following:

•Various societies and cultures
•Health and medicine
•Human urges
•Culture and gender

Career sectors related to these professionals include:



Sociology majors study the behavior of individuals and groups within a society in the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program. Students examine factors affecting human groups; these may include economic status, race, and gender. Core coursework includes topic areas such as:

•Minority groups
•Gender roles
•Juvenile delinquency
•Research methods

Career options include the following:

•Health services administrator
•Social worker
•Community activist


The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Philosophy program features the basis of existence and knowledge. Philosophy majors learn about using logic in defending their viewpoints and in understanding life in general. The focus of course topics can be on any of these:

•Greek philosophy
•Law and ethics

Career options include the following:

•Information technology

Organizational Studies

The analysis of communication, performance, leadership, motivation, and workplace behavior is the primary focus of students enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Organizational Studies program. The general course topics included are as follows:

•Gender issues
•Research methods
•Business management

Graduates may choose from career options such as:

•Safety manager
•Affirmative action planner
•Employment specialist
•Compensation and benefits analyst
•Human resource planner

International Studies

Various issues examined from both a scientific and humanistic viewpoint by students enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International Studies program include the global economy, the environment, war, poverty, and human rights. The completion of an internship abroad or a study abroad stint is a requirement of students enrolled in many international studies programs. General course areas included in the program feature subject areas such as:

•World cultures

They may choose from career options in settings such as:

•Military service
•International affairs


Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in History program are taught about the past and the ways in which the present and the future can be affected by the past. The curriculum typically includes courses such as:

•U.S. economic history
•The Renaissance
•Ancient Greece
•Western civilization
•American and European history

Career options include the following:

•Museum curator

English Literature

Within the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English Literature program, the historical context of American and English literature is examined along with specific genres, authors, and literary periods. Coursework may include topic areas such as the following:

•Literary movements
•Short stories
•English literature

Graduates of the program may choose from career options in fields such as:

•Freelance writing

Creative Writing

Creative writing majors enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program are taught about ways of composing, constructing, and analyzing works of fiction and poetry. Coursework includes major courses such as:

•Memoir and short story writing

Creative writing majors may choose from career options such as the following:


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