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Universities Offering Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management Programs

Majors Overview March 21, 2014

The bachelor’s degree program in Hospitality Management will offer many different career focuses, such as hotel, entertainment, or restaurant administration. Students will usually take part in a type of work-study option which allows hands-on training combined with classroom instruction. Graduates may either advance to a master’s degree program or find entry-level work.

Selecting the Best Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management Program

Students enrolled in Hospitality Management programs are provided a diverse education that will help them seek entry-level occupations in hotel, resort and restaurant management. The focus of training in some programs is more on other aspects, such as leadership, marketing and financial skills. In others, the courses are mainly related to nutrition, catering, and buying.

The option of customizing a program in accordance with the student’s specific postgraduate plan is offered at a few schools. Before they enroll in the program, students are advised to ensure that the curriculum in their school of choice adheres to the career path of their choosing. Students can use work-study practicums and internship opportunities offered through coursework as career networking opportunities, in addition to practicing lessons imparted in classrooms.

Prospective students should examine the kind of restaurants, hotels and companies that the school has affiliations with. More than one practicum may be offered by some programs, thereby affording students the opportunity to garner managerial experience in various work environments. The hospitality industry largely depends on technology. Hotels use scheduling systems and computerized reservations.

Multiple automated functions may be incorporated in restaurants, while proprietary software may often be used in tourism agencies. Those seeking admission to the program should find out how much technological teaching is offered within the program’s coursework, while ensuring that they are the most up-to-date systems available in the business.

Outline of Bachelor’s Degrees in Hospitality Management

Students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management are often taught leadership skills and basic management theory, including team building, delegation and staff recruitment and selection. After an introduction has been given to the basics of the hospitality industry, coursework typically covers human resources management, business writing, culinary arts, purchasing, accounting, marketing, and customer service.

Before they graduate, students are required to take part in a school-sponsored practicum or summer internship. The direction of a student’s career may often be decided by the electives chosen; these may include entertainment facility, restaurant, travel agency, or hotel and resort management.

Some schools designate bachelor’s programs as terminal degrees, wherein students are allowed to begin working immediately in a chosen industry. Students enrolled in some programs may be allowed to transfer credits earned into a graduate degree program in Hotel Administration, Travel and Tourism or Hospitality Management. Enrolling into an advanced graduate program may help students build on the knowledge and skills learned in an undergraduate program and enhance their career growth prospects.

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