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Free Online Calculators for Students to Estimate Their College Costs

Student Loans April 6, 2013

Do you want to know how much it will cost for you to attend college? You can calculate student loan debt, living costs, tuition and other common school costs using these free online college calculators.

Sallie Mae Loan Repayment Calculator

Individuals who use Sallie Mae’s Loan Repayment Calculator will get a display of interest payments along with monthly payments under different repayment plans, which allow students to calculate the differences and select the best loan repayment option.

Citi Student Loan Calculator

This calculator is beneficial to students who are trying to compute the amount they need to borrow in order to finance their college education. Room and board costs, itemized fees as well as tuition are taken into account by Citi Student Loan Calculator. Cost of Living Calculator

This is another free online calculator offered by and covers cost estimates for colleges in over three hundred cities around the United States. It is particularly useful for students who plan to live off campus as it takes into account the cost of living standards in the particular cities.

MSN Money Tuition Savings Calculator

Parents can use this calculator to plan their children’s college education and get a realistic idea about the amount they would need to save for the purpose. The calculator is adjusted for inflation and also estimates the amount that can be earned as interest in savings accounts.

College Tuition Planner

The College Tuition Planner has been developed by and is devised to help students compute the amount they must save for a college education depending on their current age. The planner also takes the location of the college and the length of the program into account and gives average estimates for students who are not sure about the college they plan to attend.

Edwise Online Financial Planning Guide

This one has been jointly developed by the University of California, EdFund and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA); the EdWise Online Financial Planning Guide can help students estimate college costs, creating college budgets and calculating student loan costs. The guide works best for those who have their financial aid award information, estimated college costs, and personal financial information.

FinAid College Cost Projector

Students will get an estimate on how much college tuition will cost when they are ready to enroll in a college program through the use of the FinAid College Cost Projector Calculator. The calculator uses an average inflation rate of seven percent and estimates the cost of a four-year or two-year college or university.

CollegeBoard College Cost Calculator

The interesting feature of the CollegeBoard College Cost Calculator is it will tell you the college costs in the future by adjusting for inflation. If you are certain about the college you plan to attend, you can get actual costs; if you are not too sure, you can get average estimates.

New York Times College Cost Calculator

The New York Times free online calculator will be able to estimate the future costs of room and board, fees, and tuition based on the rate at which college costs usually increase. The NY Times College Cost Calculator works well for individuals who plan to attend college one year from now, ten years from now or even twenty years from now.

CNN Money College Cost Finder

Aspiring college students can use the CNN Money College Cost Finder to start estimating their college costs. The college cost calculator website can find the cost of any United States university or college. All students have to do is search for the college or university by state or type in the name of the school.

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