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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Astronomy

University & College Info May 16, 2013

Astronomy is one of the most remarkable sciences one can study! Now is the time to pursue this education, just as interest in the solar system exploration in traveling is reigniting throughout the world. The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in astronomy.

What the UMD Astronomy Program Offers

The course covers astronomy basics as well as mathematics and physics. Students who graduate can find jobs in government sectors or with industrial firms for astronomy or in related sciences. Whether you want to be on the cutting edge of astronomy, or simply find a job working in a related career field for a good pay, this is precisely the education you need to get started.

Students who want to earn their bachelor’s degree will work in subjects as varied and specific as astrophysics, the solar system, stars, observational astronomy, theoretical views of astronomy, mechanical and relative physics, thermodynamics and electricity, among other crucial subjects. In order to complete this training, students must keep up with a minimum of a C- grade and at least a 2.0 GPA (grade point average).

UMCP’s Outstanding Astronomy Program and its Perks

The UMCP training course offers students the chance to work with highly advanced technology. For example, the Astronomy Department has a working relationship with the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-Wave Astronomy organizations, which has access to a millimeter wavelength radio that is the most powerful device of this sort anywhere on earth. Other niceties include a new super-powered telescope called the 4.3m Discovery Channel Telescope, as well as hands on experience with space missions, as the Department of Astronomy works with NASA on various projects. There are also internships with NASA and the Goddard Space Flight Center.

There are plenty of opportunities for top performing students, as they can look forward to Honors Programs that rewards research assignments. Students can work with an experienced faculty member and earn academic credit while learning advanced training. Students can even progress to the point where they can write a thesis and present their case before a committee.

The facilities at UMD are impressive, particularly for the UMD Department of Astronomy. The bachelor’s degree program makes use of the large facility that has multiple telescopes, an observatory, and a room for science projects. There is a massive library containing 4,000 books and volumes for research.

Some of the most prestigious scholarship and award programs at the school include the DOE (Department of Energy) Science Graduate Fellowship Program in January, the Student Researcher of the Year Award, the Maryland Alumni Association Scholarships, and the Sigma Xi’s Grants-in-Aid of Research Program.

The Community of the UMD Astronomy Department

There are associations and organizations that can help you begin your career and your networking. Besides various researching programs, you also have the Center for Theory and Computation, which is a center for theory research and state of the art computer software and hardware. The Maryland Extragalactic Observational Group offers optical, radio and X-Ray astronomy tools, as well as a community of fellow students and faculty.

This is a golden opportunity to move forward in your career and reach new heights that you never believed possible. To the moon indeed!

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