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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Biological Sciences: Cell Biology and Genetics

University & College Info May 18, 2013

The University of Maryland College Park offers a bachelor degree program in biological sciences, in cell biology and genetics. For those searching for a career path, at first glance, this unfamiliar topic may sound a little daunting. When broken down, you may just find it a fascinating topic, one worthy of setting out on a career path with.

To put it simply, cell biology is the study of cells in all their forms. This means one-celled organisms such as bacteria, to those full of cells such as the human being. Cells of course are what make up every living thing known on our planet today. Their importance cannot be overstated. Important studies such as those on cancer research, human gaining and illnesses all come back to the cellular level of things.

Genetics is of course closely related as everything truly comes back to your genes in the end. Learning about DNA sequences is a field that has been fascinating mankind since its discovery. Biological processes may explain a lot on why humans, animals, and all living life do what it does. What traits are inherited? How is life evolving? Of course, these studies get into many deeper aspects of genetics.

Where Will This Knowledge Take You?

To understand cell biology, you truly need to have a grasp on genetics and vice versa. This is the reason these courses are taught as one. The University of Maryland College Park offers these bachelor degrees, knowing students will be using the knowledge they gain for important work.

Jobs span the whole spectrum, such as a career with the government, in medicine and law. You may use your knowledge to further advance mankind’s understanding of illnesses, perhaps working on cures. Having a Bachelor Degree in cell biology and genetics will open innumerable career options.

What Does the Program Require?

Requirements include 120 hours of coursework with some additional general education credits, and you need to do it with at least a 2.0 average. You will need to invest a lot of time in your study, but the rewards for your time are plentiful. In this course, you will learn some fundamentals such as academic and professional writing, as well as humanities, and oral communication. If all of that does not fill up your brain completely, you will also take some supporting course work in things such as calculus, chemistry, and physics.

The more advanced studies will be the principles of biology, biochemistry, cell biology with labs, and molecular genetics. You will also learn about microbial and plant physiology, and immunology. Human genetics will also be an essential part of your course work.

The University of Maryland College Park prides itself on its hands on approach with students. The college works hard at preparing its students for the career path they have chosen in the cell biology and genetics fields. If you have an interest in the cells that make life “tick” then this is the major for you!

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