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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Classical Languages and Literatures

University & College Info May 19, 2013

If you find yourself drawn to the classics in life, then the classical languages and literatures bachelor degree program at the University of Maryland College Park may be just the path you have been looking for. The program focuses on writing and myths, as well as the language of Rome and Greece. Latin and ancient Greek languages are not often heard today, but their impact on the world is certainly still felt.

Reasons to Choose Classical Languages and Literatures

Stop and think for one moment what life would be like without language. Imagine how frustrated you would be on even simple tasks. Classical languages are noteworthy as they have had a vast impact on how we express ourselves today. Many languages today have their roots in these classical languages. Classical literatures also had a major impact on the world as a whole, and many of our politics and philosophies of today, even mathematics can all be traced back to the teachings and writings in the Greek and Roman times.

Another reason why the study of classic languages is essential, it may help you understand your own language. Most English words can be traced back to the classic languages, and when you know them, it makes it much easier to see the meaning of words at a mere glance. A natural ease is often developed with words once you see their origins, understanding and speaking tend to flow much faster.

The languages, teachings and stories can be kept alive with still more to learn and apply today, as long as we study them and use them. All translations tend to fall short of their origins, and learning the thoughts in the languages in which they were written is an amazing experience. This is certainly a study worth pursuing.

Career Paths for the Classical Languages and Literatures Students

This degree may open a surprising number of opportunities for you. For example, curators must have an appreciation for items with historical value. They must have an eye for the artistic. Thus, must be able to understand some classical languages in order to properly catalog items for museums and other collections. This is one career that a bachelor degree in languages and literatures may lead you to.

Other options to consider may include anthropology, archeology, and translators. Teaching may also be a worthy goal for those achieving this degree, it may be at a college institution or a high school, and Latin teachers are typically in pretty high demand. There are a vast number of career options for a bachelor degree in classical languages and literatures.

The University of Maryland College Park offers top notch facilities, the best faculty members, as well as a truly diverse student body. There are a number of honors and special opportunities for those who want to dedicate themselves to learning, including studying abroad in Italy, Greece or Paris. There is no better place to learn about the classical languages and literature than at the University of Maryland College Park.

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