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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Electrical Engineering

University & College Info May 25, 2013

The University of Maryland College Park offers a bachelor degree program in electrical engineering, no doubt a rising career that promises to only grow as technology continues to drive American business and social interaction. Ironically, the demand for engineers is escalating because of a lack of qualified applicants, according to the American Society for Engineering Education. The reason could be due to students who are not receiving a quality education in this challenging field.

What is on the UMCP Curriculum?

The bachelor’s degree program in electrical engineering covers technology in a range of mediums, from desktop computers to PDAs and tablets, to even solar panels. It is the study of modern technology and the future of technology, which will influence lifestyle, economy and human interaction. Electrical engineers are the ones that seek to solve problems on a global scale, developing high-tech solutions to address these problems. Everything is considered in this course, from microelectronics to even concepts of nanoelectronics.

Within the encompassing category of electrical engineering, we also have sub-points, such as signal processing, electro-physics and microelectronics. The entire course requires 120 credits to complete, which is about eight semesters or four years. Besides core subjects related to electric work, fundamental points such as chemistry, calculus, design and probability are discussed.

Work Related Activities at UMCP

The UMCP bachelor’s degree program offers undergraduate research experiences and has contacts with well over 40 labs that support a number of electronic studies. Students will work with image and speech processing equipment, neural systems, VLSI design and ion beam lithography in the past. An internship program can help students acquire work experience before graduating. Fieldwork assignments allow them to use their skills in real-world problems, particularly in biosystems applications. The Honors Program is a system that rewards students for exceptional performance, and with only the requirement of a B average with a GPA of 3.0.

Student societies worth evaluating include the student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Gamma Xi chapter of Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society and the Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Scholarships are geared towards students who work hard, have strong leadership skills and in some case a minority status. Every year the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering gives out awards to students who show that they are committed to work and help the community.

UMD Offers a Future in Electrical Engineering

In the end, this is a job opportunity that put you in the center of the technological revolution. You will be part of the music industry, telecommunications, and even the medical field since electronics covers many areas. Career-wise, your options are open. You could find yourself working in a variety of fields, such as fiber optic technology, weapons, robots, software, hardware, networks or even the next generation of artificial intelligence. Don’t be another guy or girl interested in gadgets, but be someone who makes a difference and earns the money you know you deserve!

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