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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Family Science

University & College Info May 28, 2013

Family science is beyond simple parenting wisdom. It is the study of families and what problems they face in the 21st century. This is not merely a course on how to live, but a study of the entire human species, in particular, the family unit. The major covers aspects of family development, including behavior, problem solving, education, research, and policies that shape the family on a political level.

UMCP Program Curriculum

The B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degree from UMCP covers family science in the avenues of social needs, cultural diversity, economy and history. Students not only consider the changing family form, but the lifestyles that will produce a new generation of children. Child and family development is also discussed, from a multi-generational aspect. Family law and injustice are also explored, as is the idea of poverty and even family crisis.

The curriculum begins with research methods, the theory of a family, children’s behavior, how poverty and riches influence family upbringing, social services of the community, and psychology. In addition, economics is discussed in regards to how a family develops in relations to what they have; what they save for, and how they respond in a crisis. All of this covered in micro and macroeconomics. Part of understanding the “family” from a world perspective involves understanding statistical data, so you can make decisions, or influence others to make decisions based on social trends. Lastly, communication is discussed as mothers and fathers must be able to converse with children, educating them, teaching love and creating a supporting environment. Students must maintain a C- average.

Special Rewards and Honors for UMCP Students

The UMCP’s program gives 120 hours of experience to students, and helps each one find an internship program that deals with family issues. The program not only teaches family science in practice, but also with a view towards a career. There are also undergraduate research programs where students can work on projects with experienced scholars who specialize in family science. Programs that the school works with include the Maryland Summer Scholars Program and the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program. The Honors Program offers students the chance to design their own projects, while being mentored by faculty members.

The National Council of Family Relations has a Maryland student chapter, and this association helps students get in touch with modern family issues, while also preparing students for upcoming career paths. The organization is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in this subject.

The good news is that a bachelor’s degree in family science from the University of Maryland at College Park can help you find a career in a number of channels. Some of these include human services, human resources, project management, family counseling and in education. You could even help shape policy for future generations by becoming involved in government. Start slowly but surely, learning the essentials of family science so you can have the facts, and a broad view of human behavior behind you.

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