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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Government and Politics

University & College Info May 30, 2013

You know what they always say, if you don’t like something about your country, why not try and fix it? The only way you can do this is to take an interest in politics and pursue a degree in a related field. The University of Maryland at College Park offers a remarkably direct approach; a bachelor degree program in government and politics, focusing on the structures of organized government. The UMD’s program on politics and government covers many of the complex issues that make up politics, particularly in American civics.

Curriculum of UMD’s Bachelor’s Degree Program in Government and Politics

The program covers general studies like international policy, comparative politics, theory and philosophy, public policy and environmental education. The curriculum starts with elementary teachings, but progresses into complex studies involving social sciences, statistics, policy development, social justice, economy, conflict and human rights.

By the end of the program, students will be able to understand institutions, political systems and parties, theories of government, analytical approaches and the power of each office. Over time, students will be taught how to research and accumulate data to apply to political science. Students will also learn how to be effective communicators, as they will study oral and written skills. Related sciences will also be taught, including the basics of microeconomics, calculus, probability, and the study of a foreign language. Perhaps one of the most important subjects in politics is how to deal with conflict resolution, on a domestic, as well as an international scale. Behavioral science is just as important to politics as economy and broader terms of criminal or civil justice.

Help Beyond Textbook at UMD

The government and politics bachelor’s degree program offers credits for internships, though the work experience is truly one of the greatest benefits in its own right. Students will also have the chance to write a research paper of 40 pages in length, working with a mentor. The school’s close distance to Washington D.C. and Annapolis has distinct advantages. Two internship programs of interest include the Public Policy Internship Program and the Capitol Hill Internship Program. Other opportunities include working on a newsletter.

There is also an Honors Program (GVPT) for students who apply themselves as well as a number of societies that can be of help. Societies worth looking into include the Pi Sigma Alpha and the National Political Science Honor Society. The former dates back to 1938, and have a prestigious history. Another association that may be of interest is the Black Political Student Association, a community-oriented organization that will help you get involved with the local scene. Last but not least, scholarships are available for qualifying students; the government will help teach you about government, ironically enough, through the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA).

This program is the beginning of a new path in your life, and maybe the start of changing the country for the betterment of its citizens. The course requires a C- minimum grade and a total of 36-42 credit hours. It is easy to begin and may well be an issue of life and death, not just for you, but for your fellow Americans. Help keep America strong by getting involved in government and politics.

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