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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Information Systems

University & College Info June 7, 2013

If you have ever wanted to work in a large corporation, then it’s probably a prudent decision to get to know information technology (IT) and new technology. Businesses adapts to a changing world and information systems technology are always expanding, just as businesses attempts to keep in sync with how quickly the world moves. The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in information systems, as well as the related subjects of business and operations management.

The UMD Bachelor’s Degree Program in Information Systems and Business

If you truly want to know IT beyond being just a repair person, then it’s important to understand how all of these technologies work; how it blends in with new technology. In this program, you will learn the value of planning as well as systems that are used in big businesses involving technology. This bachelor’s degree program is designed to teach database and design, analysis and even strategic planning. It’s not only technical training, but also managerial knowledge—what big companies expect graduates to already know.

This program covers accounting, daily operations, marketing, finance and system designs. The curriculum starts with studies on management, project management, statistical business, optimization, and logistics. As the work progresses, students will learn complexities of macro and micro economic theory and policy. This specific UMD program is characterized by a specialization study in business training.

This program is presented by the Robert H. Smith School of Business. This is one of the twelve colleges and schools at the University of Maryland that teaches specialization subjects. The school prides itself on creating students that are educated as well as entrepreneurial in spirit. The school is located in the nation’s capital, the metropolitan D.C. Area and this allows opportunities to abound with internships, field trips and interactive educational components.

UMD Targets a Growing Industry

Information systems management is a growing career field. With just a bachelor’s degree, students can progress towards information and systems managers and earn over $100,000 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS – The job is also predicted to grow by 18% over the next ten years, which is a good sign of future employment. This is no doubt resulting from companies who are hoping to switch to faster technology and upgrade their IT systems.

Most companies will employ system managers for IT leadership work and they will need help in designing computer systems. You may work for a technology firm or even a large corporation if you opt for work experience programs (or have business experience already).

As a student, you will learn how to plan, coordinate and direct activities. These are the skills that employers will be looking for. The UMD College is confident that the best and most dedicated students will prosper in their promising new careers. With plenty of opportunity at a well-connected school and business-caliber training, this is one of the most certain and cautious steps you can take as far as educational investment.

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