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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in International Business

University & College Info June 7, 2013

If there is one thing McDonald’s, AT&T and Facebook have taught us, it’s that business has the ability to transcend region, culture and geographic differences. We are all united in many ways, whether it’s sharing a taste for certain foods, desiring the best technology for work or play, or simply having the desire to converse with friends, family and pen pals all over the world. The modern business age is a world market, and woe is the businessperson who doesn’t at least brainstorm about possibilities of expansion. The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in international business, preparing students for multinational business or perhaps even a job overseas, if exotic locations appeal to you.

The UMD’s Commitment to Education in International Business

This program specifically touches on important issues of supply chain international business theory. Courses covered include emerging global interests as well as various economic systems overseas. International business has its own unique characteristics, as multicultural studies will teach you. Part of the program requirements are that students take an upper level foreign language course. It is also recommended that an additional major take place outside the element of business. Why? So graduating students can specialize in a subject and have a unique career focus.

The curriculum starts with studies in transportation as well as logistics. As students progress, they will learn more about business computer programming, operations research, sales management and business in government, and what entrepreneurs should be aware of, legally speaking. Studies will also include electronic marketing, money and banking and macro and microeconomic theory.

Benefits of Joining UMD’s Educational Programs

The University of Maryland at College Park’s bachelor degree program covers a broad range of issues that will be of interested to serious minded students. The Robert H. Smith School of Business offers this program and students are encouraged to make use of the facilities and the many programs available that take advantage of the D.C-friendly location. The program is a part of the broader training course that is the Logistics, Business and Public Policy degree program.

Fellowship programs are one of the perks of joining the University of Maryland at College Park. Students can join as soon as their freshmen year and study a specific area of business. In addition, they can look forward to interaction learning exhibits, field trips, guest speakers and workshops. The ability to specialize in an area of business will be of great interest to youths focusing early on building their resumes. Fellowship programs also allow promising students to work with other students and faculty members. The Fellowship classes are kept purposely small to ensure quality expertise learning.

The UMD bachelor’s degree program is truly life-changing and may be a stepping stone to a great career that transcends region and local culture. Perhaps your calling is in worldwide business. Now is the time to fully tap that potential.

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