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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Italian

University & College Info June 7, 2013

Italian is one of the world’s most important languages, in terms of history, culture, influence and of course, beauty. The Italian language and culture is not always understood by people who only know of Italy from stereotypes and idealized representations as observed on television or in movies. A degree program in the Italian language helps students communicate effectively in this tongue and also speak correctly, with a view towards proper syntax, proper vocal inflection, and even with a mind towards ethical culture.

The UMD Italian Training Course

The University of Maryland at College Park is offering a bachelor degree program in Italian, which teaches students to be proficient in the Italian tongue while also transmitting knowledge of Italian culture and perspectives. It’s not merely language that is being taught, but a full immersion into Italian culture that allows students to participate in events where Italian is the native tongue.

The program is made up of two parts of Italian, elementary and intermediate stages, followed by a writing sequence, which covers grammar and sentence structure, reading and writing, and advance style issues. From there, it’s the conversation or communication section, which trains students to speak with ease and appropriate etiquette. The program does require a C- grade or better along with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in order to reach graduation. Other subjects of interest include Italian literature, cuisine and social standards. History is examined, from the Middle Ages of history down to the renaissance times, and even into the 1970s where social change was everywhere.

Other Benefits for UMD Students Enrolled in the Italian Program

Of course, the curriculum for UMD Italian bachelor’s degree program is only the beginning. A well-rounded education includes multiple features for inquiring minds. Student associations are always critical to a healthier student community as well as better grades overall. The Language House is over 20 years old and welcomes students to diversity, while the UG Committee holds an annual awards ceremony to offer students who have qualified for rewards based on academic performance. There is also research experience available for qualifying students in the way of research field trips and assignments, which welcomes efforts from seniors and juniors, as well as internship assignments.

The Language Partner Program is a cooperative project that pairs students with overseas students to better acquaint themselves and understand the language differences and similarities. Studying abroad offer excellent opportunities in the way of exotic locales and culture; not to mention, the beneficial experience of completing studies in Italy’s amazing scenery and culture. Equally impressive has been the school’s past events, including workshops and the Study Abroad Fair Spotlight.

If you have fallen in love with both the Italian tongue, as well as the rich culture, then why not make a career out of this hobby? There are great rewards that await you if you take that extra step and embrace all things Italian. Contact the University of Maryland at College Park for more detailed information.

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