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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Japanese

University & College Info June 8, 2013

Japanese is one of the most important languages in the world in terms of influence and widespread use. This bachelor degree program in Japanese from the University of Maryland at College Park is a program specializing in the language, linguistics and culture of Japan. This program provides training that will be needed should a student ever want to pursue a career in Japan or another area with a Japanese market, particularly in the professions of teaching, art government, business, agriculture or media.

The Curriculum for the UMD Japanese Bachelor’s Degree Program

The subject matter will cover the basics at first, including the language of Japan, as well as some history and civilization exploration. There are 42 credits in all, which includes 24 in language studies, 12 elective subjects, and six civilization courses. Other discussions include Japan’s modern history and the economy of Japan, as well as approved and ethical business standards. Once students complete the courses meeting all minimum requirements, they can pursue Japanese as a major or minor, and could choose to supplement the education with studies in Japanese economy, politics, journalism or computer science. The course makes use of various interactive features such as CD-ROMs, as well as internships, field research assignments, among other features.

The good news is that the UMD College welcomes Japanese linguists, even if they have no previous knowledge of Japanese. In order to be approved for registration, students must fill out the necessary forms (sign up and read through the four year plan). From there, the student fills out contact info, semester course information, requirements already completed and send an email to request an appointment. Once all the prerequisites have been met, graduation can come after the completion of 15 credits (for a minor), three credits of Japanese linguistics, three credits for literature, and three electives. The mandatory minimum grade for students is a C- or graduate point average (GPA) of 2.0.

Reasons to Take Your Major at the UMD College for Japanese Training

Besides the in-depth education, the UMD School offers much in the way of undergraduate research work. The Annual SLLC Undergraduate Research is made for seniors and juniors to shine and share their research work. Internships, made possible by the Annual Language Career and Internship Fair, offers a UMD career center in the fall. There is also a Language Partner Program, which is part of the Education Abroad program that sends the best performing students overseas to benefit from speaking real world Japanese and providing a chance for immersion in the culture and lifestyle. There are student societies for jobs, as well as the UG Committee, which hosts awards, scholarships, and other projects for students. Students graduating often go onto to careers in engineering, government, politics or multinational business.

If you love Japan, the rich history, amazing culture, and the heritage then why not peer deeper? Learn the language, history and art at the University of Maryland at College Park, so you can pursue a life-affirming career and a high-paying job!

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