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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Journalism: Broadcast

University & College Info June 8, 2013

The University of Maryland College Park is in the ideal locations for journalism students who want to apply with major networks after finishing their studies. Located near Washington D.C., they have the advantage of owning news service just blocks from the Capital building, allowing them a close association with legislative activities, as well as network connections with high caliber newspapers such as the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun.

Facility Perks and Helpful Programs at UMD

Along with their news service, the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism owns a cable television station that utilizes state of the arts equipment to broadcast their weekly newscast, “Maryland Newsline”. The best students receive the chance to work on the award-winning Capital News Service.

Broadcasting students begin their education in their first semester with the Phillip Merrill College broadcasting program by volunteering as crew members. In addition to the direct experience of working in a broadcasting news room, they have broadcasting electives to produce radio and television news shows and documentary programs.

A Team Effort at UMD

Journalism students are expected to work closely with their advisors. Although the advisor will help students by preparing them for the academic policies and guiding them through the process of choosing courses; ultimately, the progress students make depends entirely on them.

Because journalism covers the social, political, science and technical advancements of its demographic settings, as well as culture and the arts, journalism students must choose from a wide range of academic courses to complete their bachelor degree program in journalism. They need 120 credits to graduate, over half of which are in the liberal arts. Within these accredited courses, the student must choose a specialized field of study.

UMD Scholarships and the Future of Journalism

There are many scholarships available to outstanding journalism students, many of which are offered by sponsors of major news outlets, foundations for former journalists or to commemorate University of Maryland College Park alumni. Incoming students do not apply for these awards. Incoming journalism students are taken into consideration for scholarships based on their application to the college and their financial needs.

Broadcasting journalism students will cover political conventions, learn long form investigative reporting and conduct research. They will develop expertise in social media and mobile journalism. They will acquire internships among the many broadcasting organizations within the Washington and Baltimore area, giving the valuable work experience within the broadcasting field.

The Phillip Merrill College of Journalism recognizes the evolving media of broadcasting, with applications serving the Internet with instant information. It incorporates the technology of mobile media with the dynamics of detailed research and development. Its awards programs have served students within the bachelor program with recognition and a byline by major news networks. The future of journalism is certainly bright, even as technology continues expanding. The best way to join that active and exciting scene is to start with a full understanding of how journalism works and how you can make the career choice work for you.

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