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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Mathematics

University & College Info June 10, 2013

There are people who say math is a dead subject and no one uses math on a daily basis. Of course, if you’re working a blue collar job or in retail where all numbers are instantly calculated for you, this is true. However, if you aim higher and want to work on the cutting edge of education, technology and business, then mathematics are a vital component to your success. The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in mathematics and the program will prepare you for all aspects of top-level careers.

UMD’s Educational Curriculum for Mathematics Students

This program covers math that will be highly desired in industries that matter, speaking of teaching positions, government jobs, or industrial training. The program not only deals with math, but also computers, and discusses how the two are integrated. Many fields require a deep mathematical background and the ability to problem solve. One of the most challenging aspects is applying the principles of math to other career fields, and creating mathematical arguments that are nearly impossible to dispute. Students are taught how to bring math equations and arguments into the real world, which makes mathematics a socially relevant subject.

The curriculum will discuss all aspects of the subject, from course statistics to probability, calculus and algebra. There is also sufficient study given to scientists and engineers as well as geometry, field theory and even work on C programming for computers. As studies progress, students can learn more on mechanics and physics, fields, waves and chemistry. Of course, many subjects within the program are steeped in business theory and focus more on micro and macro economics, as well as accounting and business practices involving math. There are even electives on aerospace and engineering for mechanical-minded students.

Other Benefits of a UMD Math Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Education

Math study courses are complemented with other educational exhibits of interest to students. Research experience for undergraduates is one of the most exciting features for new students, and includes special programs like the Directed Reading program, as well as the Experimental Geometry Lab. This gives students a team environment to work with, while the Daniel Sweet Undergraduate Research Fellowship offers rewards to students who study hard. Other benefits include the Putnam Express competition, and Honors Program that rewards honors to all students enrolled including freshman, and various student societies. Among others, the Math Club and Pi Mu Epsilon and Women in Math are the most popular organizations. There are scholarship options for students that need financial aid and performing to the best of their ability and to further the reputation of the school.

The UMD’s bachelor degree program is indeed the start of a new life, a better paying career and an important part of policy and business. You will find that as you progress in your studies, much of what we know about the world has a scientific basis and a mathematical foundation. An education in this program can prepare you for the world scene of business and economy.

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