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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Middle School Education

University & College Info June 13, 2013

Do you remember your impressionable days in school, where you had a young and inquisitive mind? Those were indeed precious memories, but there is no reason why you cannot keep the same feelings by becoming a teacher and sending a message to the youth of today.

In secondary education, the University of Maryland College Park offers numerous ways to serve the student and prepare you for an active and effective career in education. Whether the subject is English, Art, Science, language (inclusive of Russian, Spanish, Chinese Latin, German and others) as well as TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages), and social studies; a certificate may be obtained by the students at UMCP. The Middle School Education Program from the College of Education at UMD can provide you with the skills needed to land that dream job.

The UMD Program and its Details for Students

The Certification options include a four year major program, but also a four year double major program. It is strenuous in that it entails full completion of a major, plus courses needed for certification, and a yearlong internship. This program can become a double major, if at least 150 credit hours have been achieved. This would allow the student to be eligible for certification in the field of choice and it could be a mix or match in science subjects such as agriculture, biological science physics, geology or chemistry in science, government and politics, history, or geography in the social sciences.

The University of Maryland has even more options to consider, from an integrated masters program that goes along with the bachelor’s degree and internships for promising students who want work experience. This degree program offers flexibility and enhanced desirability of the student to the school systems upon graduation. Other benefits include the option of a MCERT program upon graduation (13 months long and full-time), which will help enhance a student’s credentials. The other available option is a “Post-Bac Certification Program” that allows someone who already completed a degree to streamline the process and complete all things necessary to obtain certification. A 3.0 grade point average (GPA) is required in this program.

Career Outlook for UMD Middle School Teaching Graduates

According the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS –, middle school teachers in the upper tier can make $82,190 annually. Furthermore, the employment RSE is growing at a rate of 1.1%. The best career options were elementary and secondary schools, but there were also employment services, family companies, religious institutions and government teaching jobs to consider.

The University of Maryland offers a broad range of services to students that will enhance their educational experience and move them forward to a career path in education. If you have a desire to make a difference in the lives of impressionable students, then it is time to become a student one last time, as you study the middle school program from UMD. For further information on this exciting opportunity, contact the University and begin your training!

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