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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Romance Languages

University & College Info June 29, 2013

Ah, romance is in the air. However, it’s more difficult than you might imagine saying “I love you” in more than one language. In fact, this program, offered by the University of Maryland at College Park, involves only three languages; the romantic languages of classic literature: French, Italian, and Spanish. This bachelor’s degree program comes from the Department of French and Italian. Here, students can only take two languages at once because this is an extremely comprehensive program.

The Curriculum for the UMD Romantic Language Program

Forty-five credits make up these two programs, which is twenty-two credits for each language. Three extra credits are with the 400 level of education. Studies are sequential and involve a thorough examination of each language. The French language course covers grammar and composition, and this eventually leads into French literature. Writing style is also discussed, as well as time periods. Students review the age of Romanticism as well as modernism and futurism. The course also reviews the age of epics to the enlightened era.

The Italian language course also covers reading and writing, understanding composition and literature. Culture is also considered in line with different eras in Italian history. Spanish is the final language offered, and after reading and writing comprehension, the subject reviewed will be advanced composition and grammatical rules. Culture is touched upon including differences among various regions of the Hispanic world. The culture here is diverse and involves Latin American culture, among others from Spain. Students graduating will maintain a C- or better, as well as a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0.

Privileges and Opportunities with the UMD Romantic Languages Program

What would a world-class education in language be without a visit to the places in question? This program has a study abroad option that lets you visit a foreign country and work on a project, or serve as an intern, or perhaps even teach students in a classroom. This is a real world experience that is also amazingly beautiful to behold and experience. Not only does the school offer work abroad options, but they also put you in touch with representatives from global organizations that can help you plan your stay and discover a way to pay for it. The time expected for these arrangements are usually a few months, but some can actually last as long as two years. Who knows? Maybe you’ll actually find an international career, if that is your desire.

The teaching component is fairly easy as you will teach English to non-native speakers of various ages, while also developing lesson plans. Most of these schools are private, though some are government-sponsored and involve teaching the children of diplomats or members of the military. Some teaching will be niche oriented; for example, students who want to work in science, business, tourism, health and medicine.

The UMD program for Romance Languages also has opportunities for progressive students to shine. The Annual SLLC Undergraduate Research Forum lets you gain exposure for your research assignments, while the Annual Language Career and Internship Fair help students keep their career progress firmly in mind.

This is a tremendous opportunity for romantics at heart and for ambitious students to go travel the world and use the language they love!

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