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University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Spanish Language, Literature and Cultures

University & College Info June 25, 2013

Do you find Spanish a challenging, rewarding and romantic language? Then, maybe it is time to contact the University of Maryland at College Park for a thorough lesson in Spanish language, literature and culture. This bachelor degree program offers 36 credit hours of coursework, and four core subjects. There will also be a discussion of literature and culture.

What Do Students Learn in Spanish Language, Literature and Cultures?

The bachelor’s degree program from UMCP takes on Spain and Latin American culture and language, as well as the subtle and outright differences that exist between the two. The program covers literature, linguistics and professional contexts, among other studies. The program begins with simplicity, as students will learn elementary Spanish, and then progress to intermediate level texts. A review concludes the first component. Following that, there will be reading and writing course, as well as a review of composition, sentence structure, grammar and culture. The program becomes more complex as civilization and literature are then reviewed, from medieval times to the renaissance period to even modern Spanish literature. Latin American literature is discussed next, as well as a brief overview of political landscapes, including Hispanic nations and their history of independence. Everything from modern perspectives to even neo-liberalism will be reviewed and discussed.

The studies become heavily focused as texts proceed into translation, practicum, phonetics and linguistic differences among groups. On average, students are expected to maintain a grade of B+ or better as they complete certain classes, though a GPA of 2.0 and C- might suffice in general. The program concludes with commercial Spanish and the professionalism expected when meeting in a formal context. Technical speak, cross-cultural communication will also be discussed.

Great Options for Enthusiastic Students at UMD

The bachelor’s degree program in Spanish language, literature and cultures will be partly determined by a Spanish advisor. In addition to personal mentoring, students can also expect a study abroad option, which involves staying overseas for a number of months for internships, teaching or working assignments. This program, presented by the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures also provides students with undergraduate research opportunities and exposure for these assignments.

The Language Career and Internship Fair are exciting for students hoping to gain extra credits and experience, while the Language Partner Program goes a long way in encourage collaboration. The LPP is a project co-created by the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, the Office of International Services and Education Abroad. You will get to work with an international fellow student in a pair arrangement and meet one on one to get better acquainted with listening, speaking and sharing culture and conversation. There are also annual awards handed out to show appreciation for hardworking students. National scholarship awards, academic achievement awards, and many other accolades await you.

Even if you know some Spanish, you need a strong foundation in the language, including technical training, if you hope to make an educational career of this skill. Pursue your full potential with UMCP’s bachelor degree program in Spanish language and literature!

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