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University of Maryland College Park James A. Clark School of Engineering

University & College Info April 2, 2013

The James A. Clark School of Engineering is a distinctive part of the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP), specifically 14 buildings on the park campus. Despite the limited number of buildings, the school counts over 4,500 students, two hundred faculty members, and a number of courses related to engineering work. The facilities are top notch and allow students to work with 31 laboratories and completely engineered interior halls which can be adjusted by students.

Engineering is certainly a promising career and is predicted to grow 9% from now until 2020 (in mechanical engineering), and because machines are quickly becoming a part of daily business, not merely the culture. However, because there are multiple facets of engineering, there are actually multiple career outlooks. Careers in engineering encompass aerospace engineering, as well as agricultural, architecture, biomedical science, chemical testing, civil, computer hardware and electronics, including many more subsections.

The University of Maryland (UMD) at College Park

The UMD’s James A. Clark School of Engineering teaches students fundamentals of science, with project-driven programs. In the past, students have been able to do the unthinkable, while still in school, including building their own hover crafts, inventing robotics, and other remarkable feats. This UMD James A. Clark program is not only a recognized source of education, but it is also a top research facility, with an estimated $112 million dollars spent on research projects every year. Students can focus their attention on space robotics, nanotechnology, intelligent transportation, biomedical skills, and other highly advanced subjects in the Kim Engineering Building, used exclusively for lab studies.

The University of Maryland in College Park Engineering Societies

The James A. Clark School of Engineering is massive. Not only are there thousands of students, but there are also over 30 student societies. There are colleges of engineering, such as Alpha Omega Epsilon, the Black Engineers Society, Engineers Without Borders, Society of Women Engineers, and many others groups organized by ethnicity, geographic or minority status. There are also societies for aeronautics, such as the American Helicopter Society, bioengineering, with the Society of Biological Engineers, and other societies for chemical engineering, environmental engineering, and electrical work. There are also societies for fire protection engineering technology, like Salamander FPE and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.

What Students Can Learn at UMCP’s James A. Clark School of Engineering

Students who work on the accredited coursework can expect a highly interactive and learning-first environment; one that immediately puts freshmen to work, emphasizes team efforts, teaches the how-to of entrepreneurship in engineering, and puts the advance of research and science ahead of all other endeavors. This is a science student’s dream university, not only for its national competitions, but also for its state of the art facility, which can be toured well before enrollment.

Since the year 1894, the school has been a nationwide leader in education, and since 1994 the James A. Clark School of Engineering has made its own name known throughout the world of business, technology and human advancement. Utilize your full potential with the nation’s most lucrative university for science and engineering.

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