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University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) Bachelor Degree Program in Accounting

University & College Info March 30, 2013

Accounting is one of the most financially secure career paths you can choose, and it is a relatively low risk career compared to doctors and lawyers, who make comparable incomes. The job of an accountant, or an auditor, is to thoroughly examine financial records and then prepare statements for government or corporate agencies. They must ensure accuracy, reconcile all numbers, and make sure that all fees are paid on time. Despite the advent of online filings and banking, accountancy is still a growing career field. It is predicted to grow 16% over the next eight years.

The Increasing Demand for Accounting Knowledge

More debt affects the nation, and more financial documentation is required, even though the world is online and computerized. The University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Accounting offers a course in accounting that can start a prosperous career in professional accounting. Furthermore, a bachelor’s degree alone, depending if the student is certified in a specific type of accounting practice, is enough to secure a well-paying job. Another option is to pursue a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) title.

Career Outlook for Trained Accountants

The University of Maryland College Park offers an accounting program that thoroughly teaches students organizational processes and plans for controlling and appraising performance. Accountancy is not just a subject of figures, but of proactive management with numbers. Accountants must be able to make recommendations to companies, and assist with budgeting, analysis, reporting and tax preparation. Many accountants seek work as self-employed contractors, but just as many will join firms or perhaps join a corporation or large business exclusively.

The University of Maryland (UMD) course teaches the essentials for accounting in all aspects of business, from government agencies to nonprofit companies or in private practice or self-employment. The bachelor’s degree from UMD requires 120 credits, but some students will go on to earn a CPA distinction, which is state mandated. Maryland in particular requires 150 hours for a CPA license, along with an exam completion, degree and perhaps other educational needs.

What Students Learn in the UMCP Bachelor Degree Accounting Program

The UMCP Bachelor Degree Program in Accounting begins with a major accounting requirements like intermediate math skills, managerial approaches, and systems used to assist in accounting. After 12 required courses, 12 more credits are earned studying individual taxation, ethics and professional behavior and auditing practices. Among elective subjects, students can choose government, corporation, fraud, advanced practices, auditing and special miscellaneous situations. These specialization areas may land students a certain job, even ahead of a CPA title.

Additional Opportunities for Progressing Students

The University of Maryland College Park offers two additional resources for promising students. The Smith Undergraduate Fellows Program, offering a series of interactive academic coursework, as well as the Study Abroad Program, which offers exchange programs for an overview of how other countries audit and document their transactions.

Accountancy is a career path with many possibilities, and an immense field of opportunities, wherever you go, and whatever your desired position. The University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Accounting can give you the knowledge you need to work with complex accounts, reports and massive financial transactions.

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