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University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) Bachelor Degree Program in Agricultural Education

University & College Info March 29, 2013

Agriculture is by no means an easy subject, considering the many complexities involved in growing crops, cultivating plants and fruit, and rearing livestock for commercial purposes. As a career, naturally, agribusiness is a great path and one that will certainly provide job security if you have the skills to be a leader in your field. However, you don’t have to earn a master’s degree or undergo years of training just to break into the field. The University of Maryland at College Park offers a bachelor degree program in Agricultural Science and Technology.

Course Curriculum at the University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) College

The UMD’s course covers all aspects of agribusiness and the science of cultivation, including economics, natural resource management, environment resources, food production, international points of view, and even the politics of agricultural, green business and renewable resources. Within the areas of study, there are many courses to look into, from animal sciences and biotechnology, to business management to even wildlife ecology. If you want to work with plants than learning soil and watershed science is a must, not to mention wetland theory and modern eco-technology. There are also specialization subjects to look into, such as food science or practicing veterinarian medicine, if you want to keep pursuing a graduate degree.

Agricultural Careers After University of Maryland (UMD)

While the entry level position is usually earned with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, the employment outlook is variable, depending on the work environment and the job position. Workers in this industry can go onto earning a living as a food scientist, a farm or livestock worker, a rancher or farmhand.

The school focuses on teaching students a solid foundation in their chosen specialization that will be useful to employers after graduation, or even before earning a graduate degree. Studies in economics as well as science will ensure you will see the full spectrum, and with six courses in each major field, you will be a skilled worker with experience and knowledge to give a company in need.

In terms of careers, less than 3% of individuals in this field actually work on the farm or the lowest-paying jobs. Instead, graduates are typically offered economic positions in private businesses or perhaps in government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Even by taking your knowledge to a law firm, private business or real estate firm, you can still make an excellent salary putting your skills to good use. The economic side of agricultural education can easily merit $60,000 a year.

Application Process for UMCP’s Bachelor Degree Program in Agricultural Education

Students can apply to the University of Maryland College Park online, not only sending their application, but also tracking their required documents online and checking the admission decision in real time. UMD admits that 75% of its freshman students require financial aid. Not only are scholarships available, but there are also gift aid programs, federal work study supported programs, and even a UMD Terp Payment Plan that covers certain university charges and fees, and spreads the payments out over part of a year’s time. This helps a great deal when planning your finances to pay for tuition, room, meals, parking and so on.

Agricultural practice not merely a career—it’s a way of life. You can take the lead in showing others, perhaps entire companies, how to effectively and safely use agriculture to meet demands, while still remaining environmentally friendly. Take this opportunity to work with a team of master UMD educators.

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