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University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) Bachelor Degree Program in Animal Sciences: Animal Care and Management

University & College Info March 31, 2013

A love for animals only goes so far. Learning the best methods and practices to ensure their long-term survival, and to coexist with human prosperity, is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. You can dream of making a difference or fantasize about a perfect world, or you can become part of the solution. Training for a career in animal care and management will help you learn the essentials of a career in animal care, whether you go onto your own practice after further education, or join a firm working in the same path.

What the Bachelor’s Degree Program Covers

The Department of Animal and Avian Sciences at the University of Maryland College Park has assembled a course in Animal Sciences, a bachelor’s degree program that will teach the specifics of animal biology and technology. Animal care is a hugely complex subject, and there must be a balance between conservation, animal care, and farming practices. This course discusses the most critical aspects of traditional farm species, livestock, as well as equine life and aquatic life. Important considerations for a well-rounded view of animal care must include an understanding of biology, nutrition and diet, genetic theory and economy.

UMCP students learning about Animal Sciences through the bachelor degree program can go onto a master’s or even a doctorate degree; they can seek work as a research technician, or marketing representative, or animal producer.

Specialization in Animal Care and Management from UMCP

The University of Maryland College Park offers fundamentals of animal sciences, with the option of elective subjects and a specialization. Animal Care and Management is one area of specialized and this involves management of resources, production practices, breeding practices and herd management. In addition to general knowledge, the school also provides an interactive environment for understanding animal care and management. This is done through internships at local farms, where students can learn production practices related to milking, as well as other practices instituted for health.

This is a specialization course, in addition to Animal Sciences, which does go into more detailed criteria of managing a farm, marketing animal products, and various processing standards. Nevertheless, a specialization course in how to treat animals, manage their behavior, and understand what their needs are, will practically ensure you a promising career in agriculture, farming, veterinarian help, and perhaps even a state or federal government position.

Classrooms and Clubs of Note

The University of Maryland College Park Bachelor Degree Program in Animal Sciences offers an excellent facility with new classrooms and on-site labs and a teaching farm. The requirements for finishing the course include completion of the core courses as well as finishing all specialization subjects.

The University of Maryland College Park also has a Veterinary Science Club that promotes veterinary medicine, including teaching students veterinary and animal care, and the newest technology in veterinary practices. The club also welcomes special guest speakers, training on exotic pet care, and even veterinary ethics.

If you truly want to become involved in the process of animal care, on a large scale and even on an individual basis, than expert training from a trusted authority is essential. The UMCP courses are developed for your career success. All it takes from you is the motivation to enroll and change your life!

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