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University of Maryland – College Park (UMCP) Campus Life

University & College Info March 31, 2013

Education is the highest priority for any formal institution dedicated to academics. But how well a person absorbs the academic material isn’t just a matter of particular skills and talents. It’s a combination of many factors, including a teaching staff that can provide stimulating programs, an atmosphere that invites creativity and innovation, and services that make the learning experience enjoyable.

UMCP dedicates itself to creating an enjoyable learning experience for its student body. Recognizing the diverse interests involved, it focuses on responsibility, critical thought and active participation in community. Along with scholastic development, it sponsors classes in minority awareness, cross-cultural identity, summer camp schedule for children to young adults and a thriving athletic department. There are three specific programs; graduate school programs, International exchange students and the veterans program.

University of Maryland College Park Student Housing

Students need to feel both comfortable and safe. The University of Maryland College Park student housing, provides on campus housing, with 36 residence halls capable of housing as many as 8,000 individuals. The halls range from traditional housing to suites and apartments. Traditional halls have dormitory type bedrooms with shared bathroom facilities, recreational rooms and lounges.

Apartments have the combinations of single and double room dwellings, a shared bathroom, living space and full kitchen facilities. Apartments houses four to eight people, are air conditioned and come with minimal furniture; a twin bed, bureau, desk and chair for each individual assigned to a room. Suites are set up similarly, but without kitchens.

UMCP housing services also provides an online database; OCH101, that lists available rental units within the circumference of the University. Information includes handouts for conducting a housing search, safety and security, available bus shuttles, and off campus living fairs to get into contact with prospective apartment managers and private landlords. Students can also create their own profiles to search for others with common interests and housing needs.

University of Maryland College Park Student Activities

Student activities at University of Maryland (UMD) run through the gauntlet of just sheer fun to supporting the professional and career choices for graduate students. Activities include showcasing of new computer and animated games, astronomy workshops, International themes, and a highly energetic performing arts department. There are animal science student clubs and organizations, as well as field trips and activities centered on natural resource development and landscaping.

University of Maryland Sports/Athletics

The UMD terps; officially the Maryland Terrapins; are a robust group of team players that dominate the airwaves with the prowess at basketball, as successfully in the woman’s division as among those free-throwing, high jumping men. Terp fans are so enraptured with the UMD basketball players; they carry along autograph books and other sports paraphernalia to receive a signed autograph from their favorite star.

UMCP football has been fielding with the best since 1892. Their list of accomplishments is rather impressive. They took the National Championship in 1951 and 1953, took nine Atlantic Coast Championships, 24 bowl appearances, had five undefeated regular seasons and twelve undefeated conference seasons. Six UMCP football players have been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, as well as four UMCP coaches.

Other UMD sports and athletics include baseball, golf, lacrosse, soccer, track and field and wrestling. Women’s athletics include cross-country, field hockey, gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis and track and field.

University of Maryland College Park Support Services

Each student brings to the college campus a unique set of personality traits and characteristics. Each student comes with an individual set of qualifying needs and sensitivities. UMCP staff members are aware of the many problems facing students transiting into a college environment or preparing to leave it for a profession or career.

Services for students range from basic needs, such as transportation, food, safety and health services to more specialized needs, including vocational testing and conference housing. The faculty understands that individual problems, if left unattended, can overwhelm the student, resulting in poor performance and community isolation.

UMCP services and programs are designed to enhance student performance and nurture a sense of community belonging. Medical, psychiatric and psychology services are also provided to students undergoing a personal or community crisis.

A well-adjusted student is one who feels comfortable with the environment offered, who is able to participate without fear of discrimination, and can pursue activities that are both enjoyable and stimulating to the learning processes. The University of Maryland College Park Support Services seek to give individualized attention to each student’s needs and draw the student into a positive experience that will have a lasting effect on the student’s sense of commitment, responsibility and involvement with community affairs.

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