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Questions to Expect During a Nursing Panel Interview

Resume & Interview November 27, 2013

When it comes to nursing panel interview questions, the more answers you have rehearsed, the better you will do at your interview. Nursing panel interview questions are usually pretty standard, which means it is easy for you to get the practice that you need. The key to preparing your nursing panel interview questions is to… Continue Reading »

What do Career Counselors do for a Living?

Job Descriptions December 5, 2015

In this article, you will learn the educational background for a career counselor, the skills that they acquire while in college, their duties and some of the steps one has to fulfill before joining this profession. Overview of Career Counselors Job Duties A career counselor helps people who have difficulties finding a job, people who… Continue Reading »

Career and Wage Outlook for an Aerospace Engineer

Job Market Outlook September 12, 2015

This article talks about the wage outlook, job outlook, career choices, and licensure choices for aerospace engineers. Information on Aerospace Engineers’ Career Outlook Manufacturers of missiles, airplanes, and spacecraft rely on aerospace engineers for all aspects of the manufacturing process. Employers for most aerospace engineering positions seek candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering… Continue Reading »

Career Options in Turf Management

Career News October 8, 2016

Turf Management Overview Basically, turf management revolves around greens and ground keeping work for sports such as tennis, soccer and golf. If this career interests you, read this article to learn about the salary information as well as job prospects for people who wish to pursue a career related to Turf management in the future…. Continue Reading »

Am I an Hourly or Salaried Employee?

Expert Advice March 18, 2013

Question: I need some advice about my new employment with this company. During my second interview with them, they offered me a yearly salary. I accepted their offer and started working. All of the paperwork that I’ve signed had stated that I would make a certain salary yearly. After working at the new company for… Continue Reading »

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