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Career Options in Turf Management

Career News October 8, 2016

Turf Management Overview

Basically, turf management revolves around greens and ground keeping work for sports such as tennis, soccer and golf. If this career interests you, read this article to learn about the salary information as well as job prospects for people who wish to pursue a career related to Turf management in the future.

Most of the jobs related to Turf management is outdoor and as such, it requires you to have good physical strength and personal well-being in order to perform them properly. As per the education details, a High school diploma is enough to help you secure a job as a turf grass manager. However, there are many colleges and universities that offer undergraduate programs related to turf management.

Career Options for Turf Management

Most jobs for turf managers are found in athletic field such as tennis, golf courses and sometimes soccer field. Universities, municipal parks and private sports clubs are other possible places to get a job related to turf management. In all of these places, the most common jobs related to turf management are for turf scouts, lawn care specialists, sports field managers, tree trimmers and golf course superintendent. In some cases, experienced turf managers may work as sales representatives or consultants.

Grounds Maintenance Workers

They help beautify public parks, homes, businesses and other private clubs. They also take care of the grounds keeping equipment that they use, rake leaves, water lawns, plant flowers among other jobs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that a grounds maintenance worker earned an average annual salary of $25,610 in 2014 while jobs for people wishing to join this profession were expected to rise at an average of six percent up to the year 2024.

Tree Trimmers and Pruners

They take care of trees by removing the dead or unnecessary parts. They are also responsible for trimming and removing tree branches that might be blocking or obstructing utility wires. Jobs in this profession are expected to rise at 18% in the next few years while the average salary for tree trimmers and pruners was $36,030, as of May 2015.

Pesticide Technicians

They use herbicides and pesticides to control weeds and insects that are on trees or flowers. In addition, they select fertilizers to apply to the trees for faster growth. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for sprayers, pesticide handlers and applicators were expected to decline at a rate of one percent up to 2024. On the other hand, an average pesticides technician earned an average salary of $32,160 in 2014.

Turf Management Education and Training Requirements

A good turf manager should have good oral and written communication skills, be able to follow directions quickly as well as be self motivated. Turf managers usually work under minimal supervision, which explains why they should be highly self motivated. It is also important to note that people with additional skills such as qualified driving tend to get employment faster than those without. Finally, a license is a must have especially for the pesticide handlers and applicators.

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