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Overview of How to Acquire a Certificate in Car Audio installation

Higher Education Articles October 21, 2015

A course in car audio installation, as the name suggest, aims to assist the students in learning how to properly install and fix radios, speakers, woofers and any other audio machine in an automobile. The course is hugely practical, and by the end of the course, students usually learn all they need to know in this field.

Career Overview for Car Audio Installer

This certificate target students as young as 16 years and helps them learn how to handle the audio systems of different automobiles, helps them learn how to install new audio machines in the car and most importantly, help the student fix the audio systems into the car without damaging anything at all, whether it is a part of the woofer or it is a car part.

The course involves a lot of hands on practicals, which are aimed at equipping the student with some experience in the job. The practical lessons also help the students learn how to use different tools used in the work, learn and gain important knowledge about handling of audio systems and learn more about automobile audio systems.

Some of the courses that a student may enroll in to gain knowledge and a certificate in installing audio systems in automobiles include, program length courses that do not exceed one year, prerequisites, which are often done in some high schools to help their students gain important knowledge about this topic, and sometimes you can learn about installing audio systems in cars by use of online methods.

Certification and Training details

There are more benefits in learning this kind of program in a classroom scenario than subscribing for classes online. While both modes of learning can help you get certified, attending personal classes will benefit you in the hands-on practicals, which reflect the real scenario of the work you will get once you complete the program. General knowledge about this course can however be easily understood by using online classes only.

The following practical areas are what a practical lesson in car audio installation program may involve:

•Electronic safety classes
•Circuit board and connector soldering
•Alternating and direct current principles
•Custom subwoofer casing design

Salary details and employment opportunities

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic estimates that the job opportunities for all kind of audio installers are likely to grow by an average of three percent per years in the next five years, although the median wage of such people may stagnate at the current $31,020 per annum.

Further Education possibilities

It is possible to further your knowledge on car audio installation as the Consumer Electronic Association does offer both degree and Master levels education options for willing students. To easily climb the ladder in this field of study, you will be require to have an associate’s degree or at least one year experience. In addition, for people who love studying online, there are different areas of specialization related to car audio installations that you can learn from, and online practical lessons can sometimes be offered, not forgetting interactive questions that broaden your expertise in audio installation, fire alarm installation, home entertainment and satellite knowledge.

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