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5 Fast Growing Nurse Jobs

Career News September 18, 2013

Opportunities for individuals looking for nurse jobs will abound for the coming decade. As of May 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipated a 26% jump in employment for registered nurses in the coming decade, and a 22% rise in employment for licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses. Both exceed the projected average growth for all sectors (14.3%), with the former almost doubling this number. Such robust growth is expected for nurses due to many factors. They include the mass retirement of the baby boomer generation, technological advancements in medicine and the increased focus on preventative care. Consequently, nurse jobs will be plentiful for at least the next decade. Here are five that every RN or potential RN should know about.

Outpatient Center Nurse

Due to financial pressures and an increased demand in healthcare services, many hospitals are opting to discharge patients as quickly as possible. Consequently, some patients who would have received care from more traditional setting will be recommended to seek care in outpatient centers. Outpatient centers provide a wide range of same-day care to patients, from physical therapy to surgery. This trend will result in strong job growth in such centers, especially for RNs.

Home Healthcare Provider

Many elderly individuals would rather spend their final years in the comfort of their own homes as opposed to a traditional hospital or a retirement facility. Though only 5% of RNs currently work in this environment, the number is expected to increase as the baby boomer generation advances into old age. As of 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipated that home health aides would experience the second fastest growth in employment over the course of the decade. The pressure put on traditional hospitals to keep a smaller number of long-term patients will also contribute to the increase in nurses who will serve as home healthcare providers.

Nursing Care Facilities

Nurse jobs in nursing care facilities is also expected to rise for the same reasons that jobs for nurses working in the field of home healthcare is expected to rise. Currently, 29% of licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses work in such facilities. These jobs will prove vital to many elderly individuals, as they or their families will not be able to afford the luxury of home healthcare.

Hospital Nurse

It is hardly a secret that many nurses work in hospitals. What is not common knowledge is that 48% of RNs work in private general medical and surgical hospitals. Positions will continue to be available in such an environment for several reasons. One, hospital nurses are known to have a relatively high turnover rate. Second, many procedures still cannot be done in an outpatient center or in a physician’s private office. Finally, the number of diseases that can be treated is increasing as a consequence of technological advancements.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

A clinical nurse specialist (CNS) is a nurse who holds an advanced degree (master or doctoral) in a specific facet of nursing. A CNS can opt to focus on a specific demographic, a specific type of care or a specific type of health issue. On top of being in high demand, one who opts for this position can also expect to earn a higher salary than an RN due to the necessary training and education one must possess in order to be a CNS.

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