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How to Become a Branch Review Team Lead

Career News February 23, 2014

A branch review team leader is part of the bank branch, and a role similar to management. To some extent, the work you do will be similar to that of a specialist. You will have responsibility over the branch team, with the intent to improve their efficiency. You will exercise authority over other specialists, and will ensure things operate according to plan within the branch.

Education and Experience is Important

As a team lead, your job is slightly different from a branch review specialist. This involves a leadership role, with the added task of keeping your team motivated and in compliance with company policy. Specialists look to you as a team leader, someone who can guide them and keep them focused on important goals. Besides leadership ability, you will also operate as a review specialist and ensure that that all procedures within the branch are efficient. Specialists perform an evaluative task, by testing policies and customer service procedures; you manage their efforts and oversee the performance of all hired specialists.

Companies are looking to hire team leaders with a strong educational background. This usually implies a bachelor’s degree in a related field of finance. Work experience is also expected, and some companies prefer five years or more in a similar position. As a team leader, you are expected to be confident because of your knowledge of procedure and policy. You can make sound decisions and good judgment, based on what you have learned in your past job experience. Some degree of creativity and adaptability is also expected. Though you are not a manager, you are a leader and report as a team leader to the branch manager, or a delegated spokesperson.

What Managers Want to Know

Besides presenting a strong application and resume, you want to impart your skills and experience to the interviewer. Interviewers will be especially interested in specifics, as relates to your past work experience. For example, they might ask you when was the last time you were in a crises and how you resolved it. They may test your knowledge of protocol by asking what your career goal is, or what the career path is for this job.

In order to land a job as a team leader, concentrate on building your resume and strengthening your application through education. Managerial experience is not necessary, but strong training within the career field and in the banking institution is preferred. When it’s time for an interview, always try to relate your answers to your long-term career goals, showing that you have a proper understanding of how banks function, and specifically within branch review protocol. Because this is a team leader position, don’t be surprised if interviewers ask you about past experiences in which you demonstrated team leadership and team work with your colleagues. Team leaders always strive to be a positive influence within the office.

With persistence towards learning and a commitment to education, you can qualify for a high paying career and increasing levels of responsibility.

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