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How to Become a Branch Service Manager

Career News February 24, 2014

A branch service manager conducts many of the same responsibilities as a branch manager, and depending on the bank or lending institution, may actually hold the same position as a manager. The service manager is mostly concerned with customer service, and this means taking control of the whole operation; influencing policies and overseeing personnel. Of course, the actual duties and the details that separate the job description of a branch manager from that of a service manager can differ by firm.

The list of duties of a branch service manager may match that of a branch manager, if that branch manager also oversees daily operations. Daily operations include tasks like scheduling tellers and customer service staff, maintaining transaction records, and making sure the branch stays on budget. Daily operations can also include examining and implementing improved or all new bank procedures for efficiency.

If a branch service manager does not maintain full responsibility of the branch and only performs customer service-oriented tasks, he will report to the branch manager, who will likely oversee the branch without being involved in day-to-day operations.

Education and Experience Required

Much like the branch manager, the service manager must come from a managerial background. A bachelor’s degree is a start, and at least two years of experience is required. Many companies prefer more than the minimum, such as four to six years of managerial or finance experience. The primary reason being, management will expose workers to the field’s overall strategy, general practices, and procedures that have proven to work.

Managers should prove themselves through their past experiences as capable leaders and someone capable of using sound judgment in line with the company’s best interest. Since your job is leading others, you should have an idea of what tools and infrastructure are typically required to make a lending institution thrive.

Responsibility of Management

You assume responsibility for the performance of financial advisors and sales assistants. However, you will also concern yourself with the details of the day-to-day operations, such as communications between client and personnel, workstation areas, copiers, fax machines and PCs and even the heating and ventilation system of the office. Building maintenance, furniture, cashiering and mail rooms also require attention by the branch manager, or the branch service manager.

There is a growing need for companies to modernize their systems with modern IT technology. A superior knowledge of software programs, servers and other technical knowledge would serve an applicant well. It’s not merely the resume that is selected, but the skill sheet that is highlighted. Managerial experience comes natural to excelling employees and may very well be offered to you immediately after completing your education.

This is a tremendous opportunity for workers who come from a financial background or who are ambitious and ready to go back to school to learn business, finance and administration. This is a high paying career and one that rewards hard workers committed to improving company policy. Start your new career today by conversing about an education in finance at UMD or any schools listed below!

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