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How to Become a Consumer Credit Supervisor

Career News January 17, 2014

Are you a leader and worker that inspire other members of your team? Then reach out to a position of supervisor in the avenue of consumer credit. You need a great deal of confidence to become a supervisor. You will display good management skills and work with a staff of consumer credit professionals. Your job duties will entail delegating tasks, monitoring the team’s performance, assisting with the training and development of personnel, and completing administrative paperwork.

What Skills Do You Need?

Good interpersonal skills are essential. It’s your job to handle complaints both from customers and employees. You must be tactful, but firm, and carry the voice of authority. You communicate clearly but are also able to negotiate on appropriate occasions. You will be in a position to hire new staff. You will report directly to senior management or other senior personnel when required.

Consumer loans are one of the most important aspects of an investment institution. You will be handling the groups of analysts and must ensure that all legal and company standards and processes are in place. If a loan has been approved that is not in keeping with standards, this could affect the company negatively, and it is then your job to catch it and fix it.

Pertinent Studies

Becoming a consumer credit supervisor requires a bachelor’s degree in accounting, economics, finance, business management, or a related field. You will also need a minimum of five years experience working with a bank or other financial institution. Many consumer credit supervisors begin their careers as accountants, loan officers, financial risk information specialists, or a consumer credit analyst. Course work includes mathematics, accounting, statistics, business management, and physical sciences. You will be required to know computer financial software, spreadsheets and give business reports.

Why Professional Presentation Matters

Typically, a consumer credit supervisor works a forty-hour week. The hours, however, are often flexible. Some companies may want you to travel a great deal, especially if they are part of a larger chain.

Besides excellent mathematical and analytical skills, consumer credit supervisors must have a responsible attitude, be competent, and make sound decisions under pressure, yet remain calm and patient. A supervisory position is one of leadership and the consumer credit supervisor must demonstrate the ability to lead and motivate others. Consumer credit supervisors must keep accurate records and prioritize their work and the work of others.

There are several areas of the banking industry that require consumer credit supervisory skills, or that provide a background and training for a consumer credit supervisor position. These include credit and collection supervisor, consumer credit analyst supervisor, retail sales supervisor, accounting supervisor and supervisor tax in credit information, among others.

The median salary for a credit supervisor position is $73,374. The highest paid consumer credit supervisors are on the West Coast, in the states of Washington, Oregon and California, as well as in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

If you want more than just a nine to five job with little room for growth, then you have to venture out into the business world. A supervisor position is not out of your reach, especially if you have the degree companies are looking for.

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