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Career Opportunities in Psychology

Career News August 27, 2013

Psychology is one of the most popular college degrees throughout the nation, and many people find that they have an innate curiosity about people and what makes them tick. There are many career opportunities for those with psychology degrees or for those that wish to break into the psychology field and not all of them require additional training or medical school. Those who have an undergraduate degree in psychology can consider the following options.

Psychology degrees are useful for virtually any field that deals with people. Those with psychology degrees can become career counselors, human resources managers, case managers and academic counselors. In addition to this, those that wish to go back to school always have the option of becoming a psychologist or other type of therapist. Those with psychology degrees will usually find most work in the far west and east coasts.

School and career counselors have a median pay of $53,380 per year, with this pay usually being achieved after pursuing a master’s degree. The job outlook for this type of position is about on par with averages. Human resources specialists have a median pay of $52,690, but the majority of human resources specialists only have an undergraduate degree, not a graduate degree. The career outlook for human resources specialists is actually better than average.

Case managers also have a median income of $57,950, and they usually only have an undergraduate degree as well. The outlook for case managers is even better than human resources specialists, even for those with only one to five years of experience. College advisors have a median annual salary of $56,170, and again, a relatively positive job outlook.

Those that are actually interested in becoming a psychologist will find that the median pay for a psychologist is $68,640 a year, though the path to becoming a psychologist may be significantly more involved than other career paths. The field of psychology is growing at rates faster than average, and it is expected that many new jobs in the field will be created within the next few years.

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