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Careers in Industrial Organizational Psychology

Career News July 6, 2013

Choosing the right career path is not an easy process. You should do research and get as much information as you can in any field before you decide to venture in it. There are many careers in industrial organizational psychology.

Industrial-organizational psychology deals with workplace behavior. Industrial organizational psychologists apply research to increase the productivity of the workplace, select employees who are best suited for specific jobs and test products. These are just some of the things that they do.

There are several programs that an individual can enroll in that offer a bachelor’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology. If a person has a bachelor’s degree, the individual should consider working in human resources. Most careers in industrial organizational psychology require that a person should have a master’s or a doctorate degree. With an advanced education level, you can be assured of more job opportunities and a higher salary. Industrial organizational psychology is diverse. This means that individuals who pursue it can work in different areas as a result of the opportunities that it offers.

Qualified individuals have been employed in multiple fields. A large fraction of them work in business. They deal with worker productivity, training of employees and assessment, and human resources. They also teach management how to pick the best candidates that deserve to be promoted or employed.

Some of them work in research or other academic positions. Others depending on their experience can work as consultants for companies. Regardless of the place they work, organizational psychologists do a lot of research, and they have to be experienced and able to deal with statistics. Most of the careers offer opportunities to tackle different research areas. Some of them may include workplace discrimination, disability issues, workplace aggression, and role of the personality of an applicant just to mention a few.

According to recent studies, up to one-third of them work in academic settings. They teach students about the principles of psychology and also conduct research in private laboratories. The research covers a variety of issues that are important to the field. These include training programs for employees and developing of new instruments that can be used for assessments.

The salaries that the professionals receive vary depending on multiple factors. It may vary based on the type of degree that a person has and the employer. Most of the careers in industrial organizational psychology pay well and are definitely worth pursuing.

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