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Child Clinical Psychologist Salary Information

Career News August 30, 2013

The children are our future and sometimes children with social problems grow up to be great men and women who influence the future. Working with young people is a great job as far as social responsibility goes, and is truly nice as a personal rewards path. However, what does the position typically pay?

A child clinical psychologist works with children and studies psychology specifically pertaining to the minds of youths. Methodology and counseling sessions are tailor made for kids and involve the doctor drawing them out in friendly and simple ways. Most of the children that come in have problems with depression, learning, eating disorders, broken homes, or other mental or physical issues.

How much do Child Clinical Psychologists Make?

Statistically speaking, psychologists who work with children made an average salary of $72,000 annually. Although some of the best in the business made considerably more at $109,000 per year. However, the license and education itself is not always a guarantee. The lowest paid doctors made only $39,000.

What is evident is that the average salary changed according to specific factors like the parent company, the location of the practice, the industry, as well as the experience of each doctor. The highest paid workers seemed to come from health practitioner offices, though physician offices were comparable. Individual services paid less overall, and outpatient care was the ones that earned the least.

Location was one of the most important factors, considering that big cities reported bigger incomes, as high as $116,000 in Chicago and only slightly less for New York workers who made over $115,000 annually. Child clinical psychologists’ salaries will begin to decrease the further south you move including states such as Texas and Georgia.

The Career Outlook

Graduates specializing in child clinical psychology can look forward to a promising future, if not, instantly huge paychecks. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment growth will be as high as twelve percent over the next decade. However, extended research did show master’s degree applicants will be more successful than bachelor’s degree applicants. Unique positions for this line of work might include a clinical psychologist, a scientist and a program manager. However, the lowest income applicants were involved in behavioral specialist work ($35,000 per year), mental health counselors, social workers and even family therapists, all of whom grossed slightly below $40,000 annually.

Yes, what determines earnings is the skill level you bring with yourself to the interview. Companies and clinics supporting these facilities want problem-solvers. You must also have an extremely good manner in dealing with both parents who want logical and straightforward answers, and children who are oftentimes shy, and unaware of what they feel. However, this is a rewarding profession and one that truly makes a difference in life, from the perspective of an educator and a physician. The money is also high, even when compared to other psychology fields because of the high demand for experienced, people-friendly doctors.

Starting from an undergraduate program, and then progressing on to a graduate degree program, you can jumpstart your career and help make a difference in the lives of these children.

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