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Why Consider Playing A Role In the Operating Room?

Career News July 7, 2014

The operating room team plays an essential part in the care and keeping of the patient. From the scrub nurse, who ensures the safety of the patient, to the surgeon, who performs the actual surgery, the operating team ensures the patient remains safe and comfortable.

The Care and Keeping of Your Patients

If patient care is something that you feel strongly about, giving consideration to becoming a part of the operating room team could be a step towards your future career. The No. 1 goal in the operating room is keeping the patient comfortable, safe and healthy. From ensuring the sterility of those involved with the hands-on patient care to overseeing the surgery and making sure that all is going as planned, members of the operating team play varied, but vital, roles.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it has been shown that “leadership, team member competencies and an enacted environment … encourages feelings of competence and cooperation.” Every member of the surgical team is a valued individual as well as a team player. As the surgery unfolds, the behaviors and attitudes of all involved will play a role in the overall atmosphere.

With So Many Choices, You Will Fit Right In!

Those interested in becoming part of an operating room team should not automatically assume that they will need to spend years on end in school. A surgical technologist, who can stand in place of a scrub nurse, only needs have an associate degree to practice. If you do not feel that hands-on patient care is your strong suit, consider a career as a Circulator. According to Gulf Coast State College, the circulator’s main concern is the well-being of the patient. Their central roles are overseeing their care, advocating for the patient and making a care plan that is followed by all involved.

Understanding Your Role on the Team is an Important Part of the Job

For everything to run smoothly and without a hitch, every member of the team must know their part and know it well. The seamless running of the operating room is the responsibility of everyone on the team, from the surgical technologist to the surgeon. Understanding your individual contribution as well as your contribution to the team is a necessary part of your career, and it is vital to the health and safety of the patient.

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