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Home Health Nursing Jobs: Typical Duties and Salary Information

Career News September 1, 2013

Home Health Nursing jobs are on the rise due to the ever increasing age of the American public. These aging Americans are attempting to stay in their home environments longer, and this is increasing openings in Home Health Nursing jobs.

The Home Health Nurse provides services that will help the patient recover from their particular circumstance at home. This not only includes the effects of aging and illness, but is also for those of accident victims recovering at home, and even the physically and mentally challenged.

Home Health Nursing jobs offer some challenges not found in other nursing specialties. Many of these are related to the fact that care is provided at the patient’s home, rather than the environment of a nursing home or hospital where a safer, more sterile situation is available.

Here is a list of some of the duties that a Home Health Nurse does. This is just a partial list.

Inspect the Patients’ Home

The Home Health Nurse is responsible in making sure that all obstacles are removed that could impair the patients’ well being. All walk ways must be cleared, and the floor must remain free from all items that could be stepped on, tripped over or rolled over. They should also make sure any objects the patient may grab onto for balance while walking is stable.

Change Bandages

Making sure that the bandages and wound dressings are changed on a regular basis is another duty. The wounds must be kept clean, and the Home Health Nurse need to make sure that there is no infection.

Administering Medication

The Home Health Nurse is responsible for making sure that all medication is taken appropriately, on time, and in the correct amount. They should also make sure they are safely stored.

Patient Physical Requirements

The Home Health Nurse will make sure that the patient is making progress in their recovery. They will take notes on how capable the person can carry out particular tasks that might be hindered by their condition or recent surgery.

Taking Patient Vital Signs

Vital signs, such as blood pressure and heart rate are crucial in the recovery of a patient, and the Home Health Nurse is responsible for taking and making sure that the patients’ vital signs are normal for that patient.

Updating Patient Records

Each patient should have documentation of the care that they have received, and this report is the responsibility of the Home Health Nurse. The records will go to the agency that the Home Health Nurse works for, and each has specific guidelines that need to be adhered to.

Educating the Patient

Making sure that the patient knows what is expected of them to do for their recovery is the duty of the Home Health Nurse. If the patient needs physical therapy, the Home Health Nurse is there to help instruct and carry out such instructions.

Depending on the situation, being a Home Health Nurse can afford you the freedom of making your own hours and schedule. This can be liberating and stressful at the same time. A Home Health Nurse needs to be responsible and be able to schedule patients’ without hindering patient care.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for the Home Health Nurse is over $64,000 a year, which averages out to around $31.00 per hour. This depends on geographic location, experience, and the education of the Home Health Nurse.

There are currently a lot of Home Health Nursing jobs available and the future looks bright in this field. An aging population helps insure future growth. It is a promising career for those who enjoy caring for others and consider themselves “people-persons”.

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